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Today Current Affairs !! Today gk 

1. On Which Day, International Literacy Day is Observed ?

A- 06 September     B- 07 September 

C- 08 September      D- 09 September 

Ans- Option- C

2. Total Expenditure in Mission Chandrayaan 2 is ___ ?

A- 500 Crore     B- 650 Crore 

C- 959 Crore      D- 978 Crore 

Ans- Option- D

3. Who among the Following became the Only bowler to take 4 Wickets in 4 Balls twice ?

A- Pat Cummins    B- Lasith Malinga

C- Trent Boult        D- Kagiso Rabada

Ans- Option- B

4. Which fuel is used in Mission Chandrayaan 2 ?

A- Petrol     B- Hydrogen 

C- UDMH    D- None of These 

Ans- Option- C

5. There are ___ Scientific instruments that are onboard the orbiter of the Chandrayaan 2 ?

A- 8     B- 11

C- 4      D- 6

Ans- Option- A

6. On which Day, International Charity Day is Observed ?

A- 03 September    B- 04 September 

C- 05 September     D- 06 September 

Ans- Option- C

7. Which Country will host 6th India- China Strategic Economic Dialogue ?

A- India    B- China 

C- Russia   D- USA

Ans- Option- A

8. Recently, Ram Jethmalani Passed away. He was a/an ___ ?

A- Actor        B- Army Officer 

C- Director   D- Lawyer

Ans- Option- D

9. India’s Gaganyaan Mission that consist of Two unmanned flights is Scheduled to launch by___ ?

A- September 2020   B- December 2021

C- November 2022    D- March 2021

Ans- Option- B

10. India is Conducting joint Maritime Naval Exercise SLINEX- 2019 With ?

A- Srilanka    B- Nepal

C- Australia    D- USA

Ans- Option- A

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