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1.What is the theme of World Migratory Bird Day 2020?

A- Protect Birds : Be the solution to plastic pollution 

B- Birds Connect Our World 

C- Their Future is our Future 

D- None of These 

Ans-    B

2. Which State has become the First State in the country to have ventilator beds in all District hospitals ?

A- Madhya Pradesh 

B- Punjab 

C- Kerala 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-    D

3. Recently, which of the following institutes gave initial positive results of drug Mycobacterium-W?

A- AIIMS Bhopal 

B- AIIMS Delhi 

C- AIIMS Rishikesh 

D- None of These 

Ans-   A

4. Who has become the brand Ambassador of ELSA Corp India ?

A- Ms Dhoni 

B- Shardul Thakur 

C- Ajinkya Rahane

D- Rishabh Pant

Ans-    C

5. Which of the following state government has launched ‘Pravasi Rahat Mitra’ App for migrant workers of state?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Bihar 

C- West Bengal 

D- Manipur 

Ans-    A

6. According to a recent survey, the number of Royal Bengal Tigers in West Bengal’s Sundarbans has risen to_________.

A- 96

B- 63

C- 88

D- 59

Ans-    A

7. Which Country successfully launched the ‘Long March 5B’ rocket ?

A- Japan 

B- China 


D- Russia 

Ans-    B

8. After the presence of Magnesium Carbonate as an ingredient, Which of the following state government has banned Pan Masala for 1 year?

A- Odisha 

B- Assam 

C- Rajasthan 

D- Jharkhand 

Ans-    D

9. Global rating agency Moody’s slashed India’s GDP growth rate at ________for the current fiscal 2020-21.

A- 0.8%

B- 0.3%

C- 0%

D- -0.3%

Ans-    C

10. Recently, Pandanda Kuttappa passed away. He was associated with which of the following sports?

A- Football 

B- Hockey 

C- Cricket 

D- Badminton 

Ans-    B


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