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1. Which Indian cricketer is selected for the ‘C K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award’ of BCCI?

A- Kapil DevK

B- SrikkanthSunil

C- GavaskarDilip

D- Vengskar


2. What is the name of the mandatory standard individual health insurance policy launched by IRDAI?

A-Arogya Raksha

B- Arogya Suraksha

C- Arogya Sanjeebani

D- Arogyo Samriddhi

Ans- C

3. Which state government has started a project to save paper by using digital medium for administrative work?

A- Odisha

B- Kerala

C- West Bengal

D- Telengana

Ans- c

4. Which city will play host to the 2022 Common Wealth Games?

A- London

B- New Delhi

C- Birmingham

D- Gold Coast

Ans- C

5. Scientists recently discovered dwarf galaxies with massive black holes using Very Large Array (VLA) observatory. Where is the observatory situated?

A- japan

B- china


D- Russia

Ans- C

6. A devastating earthquake hit Puerto Rico recently. Which is the capital city of Puerto-Rico?

A- Santo Domingo

B- San Juan

C- Kingston

D- Havana

Ans- B

7. The ‘National Traders convention’ was held in which Indian city recently?

A-  Mumbai

B- Lucknow

C- New Delhi

D – Varanasi

Ans – C

8. The Reserve Bank of India has recently revised the ‘Supervisory Action Framework’ of which category of banks?

A-  Public Sector Banks

B- Private sector Bank

C- Foreign Bank

D- Urban Cooporative Bank

Ans- D

9. What is the name of the new relay satellite series, to be launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)?

A- Indian Relay Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)

B- Indian Data Relay Satellite System (IDRSS)

C- Indian Relay Satellite System (IRSS)

D- Indian Relay Tracking System (IRTS)

Ans- B

10. The Farmers’ Innovation Fund, which was seen in news, is proposed to be set up by which organisation?

A-  World Food Programme

B- Food and Agricultural Organisation

C – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

D- Indian Council of Agricultural Res

Ans- D

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