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1. The World’s First Bullet Proof Helmet has been Developed by Which Country’s Army ?

A- Russia

B- India

C- Japan

D- China

Ans-   B

2. On 7th February 2020, Which Country PM Arrived India on a Five Day’s Visit ?

A- Russia

B- Japan

C- Srilanka

D- Bangladesh

Ans-   C

3. Recently, Which Indian State has decided to use Drones for Mapping Villages ?

A- Madhya Pradesh

B- Haryana

C- Gujarat

D- Odisha

Ans-   A

4. Which of the Following has launched an E-Calculator for Individuals to Estimate their tax Liability ?

A- NITI Aayog

B- Income Tax Department

C- GST Department


Ans-   B

5. Recently, Kirk Douglas Passed away, He was Related to Which Field ?

A- Sports

B- Literature

C- Economics

D- Acting

Ans-   D

6. Which Football team won the Finals of the Junior National Football Championship for DR BC ROY TROPHY ?

A- Punjab

B- Rajasthan

C- Tirpura

D- Mizoram

Ans-   D

7. What is the Name of the Insurance Plan Launched by Reliance General Insurance ?

A- Reliance Health Services

B- Reliance Health Infinity

C- Reliance Health Cover

D- Reliance Health Protection

Ans-   B

8. After how many Days did NASA’S Christina Koch return to Earth ?

A- 231

B- 279

C- 317

D- 328

Ans-   D

9. Which Country has topped the Latest International IP Index ?

A- Norway



D- France

Ans-   C

10. India-Russia Military Industrial Conference was held in Which City ?

A- Lucknow

B- New Delhi

C- Kanpur

D- Surat

Ans-    A

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