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1. Who among the following has been named as Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity?

A- Jason Statham

B- Dwayne Johnson 

C- Vin Diesel 

D- Kim Kardashian 

Ans-   B

2. Which Bank has launched a savings account Scheme named “Bhavishya”

A- Airtel Payment Bank 

B- Fino Payment Bank 


D- Karnataka Bank 

Ans-    B

3. A new study has found that even the sickest Covid-19 patients produce T cells that help fight the virus. T cells are produced in _________.

A- Thymus gland 

B- Pineal body 

C- Pituitary gland 

D- Pancreas 

Ans-   A

4. Which Bank has launched ‘Loan in Seconds’ Service ?

A- HDFC Bank 

B- Indusland Bank 

C- Yes Bank 


Ans-    C

5. Recently, Indian Coast Guard have signed a MoU to boost maritime relations with the Coast Guard of ________.

A- Srilanka 

B- Laos 

C- Vietnam 

D- Indonesia 

Ans-    D

6. India has been ranked _________ in the Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020 by JLL.

A- 24th

B- 34th

C- 51th

D- 67th

Ans-   B

7. Which Country has launched ‘OFek 16’ spy satellite ?

A- Iran 

B- Japan 

C- Israel 

D- China 

Ans-     C

8. Darbar Move is associated with _________.

A- Sikkim 

B- Assam 

C- Himachal Pradesh 

D- Jammu and Kashmir 

Ans-    D

9. Ola has partnered with which of the following to enhance its digital payments experience?

A- PhonePe

B- Paytm 

C- GooglePay

D- Mobikwik

Ans-    A

10. Which of the following bank has partnered with Star Health Insurance to provide health insurance products to its customers?

A- Axis Bank 

B- HDFC Bank 

C- Karur Vysya Bank 

D- Lakshmi Vilas Bank 

Ans-    C

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