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1. The first India-Africa Defence Ministers’ Conclave was recently held in which city ?

A- Nairobi

B- New Delhi

C- Lucknow

D- Cape Town

Ans-   C

2. Recently, Which of the following country has announced to count the LGBT population in its census for the first time ?

A- Nepal

B- China

C- Bangladesh

D- Pakistan

Ans-   A

3. Which famous writer was recently selected for the Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (Indian and Global Languages) ?

A- Pratibha Ray

B- Manoj Das

C- Ramakanta Rath

D- Surendra Mohanty

Ans-   B

4. Which of the following country has recently announced that its forces have killed al-Qaeda leader Qasim al-Rimi ?

A- Russia


C- Iran

D- Israel

Ans-  B

5. The fifth India-Russia Military Industrial Conference was recently organised in which city ?

A- Moscow

B- New Delhi

C- Bangalore

D- Lucknow

Ans-   D

6. Who among the following has recently unveiled a new children’s protection fund for India ?

A- Bill Gates

B- Prince Charles

C- Angelina Jolie

D- None of These

Ans-   B

7. Which city plays host to the 22nd India International Seafood Show, after a gap of 12 years ?

A- Kochi

B- Goa

C- Chennai

D- Visakhapatnam

Ans-  A

8. Dang Thai Ngoc Thinh will be on a visit to India. She is the vice president of ________?

A- Indonesia

B- France

C- Denmark

D- Vietnam

Ans-   D

9. Who has been named as the head of the trust for construction of the Ram Temple, which was recently constituted by the Centre ?

A- K.K. Venugopal

B- K. Parasaran

C- G.E. Vahanvati

D- None of These

Ans-   B

10. Recently, Which of the following state government has decided to use drones for mapping villages ?

A- Uttar Pradesh

B- Jharkhand

C- Madhya Pradesh

D- Odisha

Ans-   C

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