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Today Current Affairs !! Today gk

1. Which State has won IT Excellence Award, 2019 in disaster Management ?

A- Gujarat     B- Uttarakhand 

C- Odisha      D- Bihar 

Ans- Option- C

2. First Mega Food Park was held in ___ ?

A- Ranchi      B- Telangana 

C- Bihar        D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- B

3. Which State ties up With UNESCO to promote States intangible cultural heritage ?

A- Kerala            B- West Bengal 

C- Tamil Nadu   D- Rajasthan 

Ans- Option- D

4. Recently, Robert Mugabe Passed away. He was A Former President of Which Country ?

A- Israel     B- Zimbabwe 

C- Japan      D- Indonesia 

Ans- Option- B

5. Which of the Following City will host the 6th india-China Strategic Economic Dialogue(SED) ?

A- New Delhi    B- Shanghai 

C- Mumbai        D- Kolkata 

Ans- Option- A

6. Who among the Following has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Norway ?

A- Ranjan Tyagi     B- Ajeet Nagpal 

C- Satya Pal             D- Bala Bhaskar

Ans- Option- D

7. Where was the Defence Dialogue 2019 held ?

A- China      B- South Korea 

C- Japan       D- North Korea 

Ans- Option- B

8. India announced a line of credit worth one Billion US Dollars Under its “Act Far East” Policy for Which of the Following Country ?

A- Japan      B- South Korea 

C- Russia     D- China

Ans- Option- C

9. When was the Seoul Defense Dialogue Launched for the First Time ?

A-  2018     B- 2015

C-  2014     D-  2012

Ans- Option- D

10. which is the Capital of South Korea ?

A- Busan      B- Pyongyang

C- Seoul        D- Nampo

Ans- Option- C

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