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1. On 4th February, Which Country has Celebrated its 72nd Independence Day ?

A- Nepal

B- Pakistan

C- Bangladesh

D- Srilanka

Ans-   D

2. The Famous Art Festival ‘Kala Ghoda’ is Celebrated in Which Indian City Annually ?

A- New Delhi

B- Mumbai

C- Pune

D- Kolkata

Ans-   B

3. Which of the Following tax slabs were proposed by the FM in the Budget 2020-2021 ?

A- 15

B- 25

C- 30

D- Both A & B

Ans-   D

4. How much rise is expected in imposed duty in the Sales of cigarettes ?

A- 5%

B- 6%

C- 7%

D- 8%

Ans-   C

5. Which Nation has discovered a massive new natural gas reserve ?

A- Qatar


C- Saudi Arabia

D- Kuwait

Ans-   B

6. Operation Vanilla is being carried out by India to help Which Country ?

A- Indonesia

C- Mauritius

C- Maldives

D- None of These

Ans-   A

7. The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2020 held in Which City ?

A- Shilong

B- Pune

C- New Delhi

D- Ahmedabad

Ans-   C

8. How many Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendrashave been established till January 2020 ?

A- 363

B- 520

C- 647

D- 723

Ans-   D

9. Which Organization launched Police-related Citizen-centric services in New Delhi Recently ?




D- NITI Aayog

Ans-   A

10. A DNA Analysis Centre has been set up under the Nirbhaya Fund Scheme in this City ?

A- Bengaluru

B- Chandigarh

C- Pune

D- New Delhi

Ans-   B

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