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1. Which of the following has become the first country in the world with a free public transport system ?

A- France

B- Luxembourg

C- Vatican City

D- Cyprus

Ans-    B

2. Which tri-state sanctuary has been declared as eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) recently ?

A- National Chambal Sanctuary

B- Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

C- Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

D- Corbett National Park

Ans-    A

3. Western Railway has announced a bonus of 5% for every recharge to R-Wallet. Western Railway is headquartered in ________.

A- Pune

B- Gandhinagar

C- Chennai

D- Mumbai

Ans-   B

4. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, IRDAI has asked insurance companies to design policies to cover _________.

A- Bird Flu

B- Coronavirus


D- Swine Flu

Ans-    B

5. The chairman of the LuLu Group, M A Yusuff Ali became the first Indian to receive premium residency of which country ?

A- Oman

B- Qatar

C- Saudi Arabia

D- United Arab Emirates

Ans-    C

6. Pekka Lundmark has been selected as the next President and CEO of global consumer electronics company ?

A- Huawei

B- Motorola

C- Samsung

D- Nokia

Ans-    D

7. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary ?

A- Hasmukh Adhia

B- Aruna Sundararajan

C- Ajay Bhushan Pandey

D- Rajiv Kumar

Ans-    C

8. After the outbreak of coronavirus, the Badminton Asia Championships have been moved out of Wuhan to ________.

A- Jakarta

B- Manila

C- Hanoi

D- Bangkok

Ans-   B

9. Which state government recently abolished the policy of granting service extension to its employees after retirement ?

A- Odisha

B- Rajasthan

C- Uttar Pradesh

D- Punjab

Ans-    D

10. Ramniklal Solanki, an ‘Order of the British Empire’ awardee, who recently passed away, was associated with which field ?

A- Sports

B- Business

C- Journalism

D- Theatrics

Ans-   C

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