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Today Current Affairs ! Today gk 

1. AUMX is a joint Military Exercise Between the USA and ___ ?

    A- Canada     B- France 

     C- Japan        D- Asean

Ans- Option- D

2. The 5th Eastern Economic Forum(EEF) will take place in ____ ?

     A- Russia      B- Mongolla

     C- China        D- Singapore 

Ans- Option- A

3. Exercise Yudh Abhyas is A joint military Exercise between India and ____ ?

     A- Japan     B- USA

     C- France    D- Canada 

Ans- Option- B

4. Which of the Following is not A Part of Eight Core Industries in India ?

     A- Rubber      B- Crude Oil

     C- Fertilizer    D- Natural Gas 

Ans- Option- A

5. Which Army Introduces a new homegrown Jet-propelled drone called Kian ?

    A- India          B- Iran

    C- Pakistan    D- Saudi Arabia 

Ans- Option- B

6. IAF Inducted ____ US made Apache attack helicopters ?

    A-  9       B-  6

    C-  7       D-  8

Ans- Option- D

7. Recently, Mithali Raj announced her retirement from Which Form of International Cricket ?

     A- ODI                    B- T20

    C- Test Matches   D- Both A & B

Ans- Option- B

8. In September, The Central Government has approved ___ Crore Capital infusion into IDBI Bank ?

    A- Rs- 4,600 Crore   B- Rs- 6,300 Crore

    C- Rs- 7,600 Crore   D- Rs- 9,300 Crore 

Ans- Option- D

9. Fourth South Asian Speakers Summit Organized in ____ ?

    A- Indonesia    B- Saudi Arabia 

    C- Maldives      D- Pakistan 

Ans- Option- C

10. Which of the Following place has topped the List of “Swachh Iconic Places” in India ?

  A- Taj Mahal      B- Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine

  C- Golden Temple   D- Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Ans- Option- B

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