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1. On Which day, World Cancer day is Observed ?

A- 01 February

B- 02 February

C- 03 February

D- 04 February

Ans-  D

2. India’s First Indigenous Bio Fuel Aircraft of IAF Landed Successfully in ?

A- Jammu

B- Leh

C- Shimla

D- Chandigarh

Ans-   B

3. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs ?

A- M. Ajith Kumar

B- Sanjana Kapoor

C- Rani Rampal

D- Sunil Arora

Ans-   A

4. Which Country has Declared National Emergency to Battle Locusts ?

A- India

B- Pakistan

C- China

D- Japan

Ans-   B

5. Who has been Named as the Iraq New Prime Minister ?

A- Abdul Mahdi

C- Barham Salih

C- Mohammed Tawfiq

D- Hassan Rouhani

Ans-   C

6. Who is to assume charges as new Northern Command Chief ?

A- Satish Dua

B- YK Joshi

C- Nathu Singh

D- Deependra Hooda

Ans-   B

7. The 3rd Global Potato Conclave is being held in Which City ?

A- Gandhinagar

B- Pune

C- New Delhi

D- Lucknow

Ans-   A

8. Which State unveiled Direct CTO Scheme for green Category Industries ?

A- Andhra Pradesh

B- Telangana

C- Tamil Nadu

D- Kerala

Ans-   C

9. India signed an agreement with Which Country to establish Addu Tourism ?

A- Sri Lankan

B- Malta

C- Nepal

D- Maldives

Ans-   D

10. Which State has banned access to casinos for the locals ?

A- West Bengal

B- Go

C- Maharashtra

D- Tamil Nadu

Ans-    B

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