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04 February 2020 || Today Current affairs


04 February 2020 || Today Current affairs

1.National Safety Day is observed every year on 04 March to mark the foundation day of National Safety Council (NSC). NSC is headquartered in ________.

A- Pune

B- New Delhi

C- Navi Mumbai

D- Kolkata

Ans-   C

2. When is the ‘Zero Discrimination Day’ observed annually across the world ?

A- March 01

B- March 02

C- March 03

D- March 04

Ans-    A

3. The 35th edition of AAHAR – the Food and Hospitality fair began in ________

A-  Agra

B- Lucknow

C- Chennai

D- New Delhi

Ans-    D

4. The famous Rangotsav began in which of the following place of Uttar Pradesh ?

A- Meerut

B- Agra

C- Barsana

D- Hastinapur

Ans-    C

5. Muhyiddin Yassin, recently sworn in as the new Prime Minister of which country ?

A- Iraq

B- Malaysia

C- Qatar

D- Saudi Arabia

Ans-    B

6. Which state recently ordered the prohibition of online supply of food without hygiene rating from food business operators (FBOs) ?

A- Odisha

B- Kerala

C- Rajasthan

D- Punjab

Ans-    D

7. Which of the following place will host the 108th Indian Science Congress in 2021 ?

A- Nagpur

B- Pune

C- Chennai

D- Kolkata

Ans-    B

8. President Ram Nath Kovind conferred 61st Lalit Kala Akademi’s annual awards to ________ artists.

A- 15

B- 25

C- 46

D- 11

Ans-    A

9. Environmental activist Afroz Shah, who was making news recently for co-participating with the Minister of Norway in River clean-up, is from which state ?

A- Uttar Pradesh

B- Bihar

C- Maharashtra

D- Jharkhand

Ans-    C

10. The 68th edition of All India Police Athletic Championship-2019 began at _______.

A- Gujarat

B- Haryana

C- Assam

D- West Bengal

Ans-   B

Today Current Affairs | 04 February 2020

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