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1.World Wildlife Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 01 March

B- 02 March

C- 03 March

D- 29 February

Ans-    C

2. Which state hiked the MLAs’ Local Area Development Fund to Rs.3 Crore per year ?

A- Odisha

B- Punjab

C- Maharashtra

D- Uttar Pradesh

Ans-   D

3. India has won a defence deal worth $40 million with ________ for the export of Swathi weapons-locating radars.

A- Egypt

B- Armenia

C- Cuba

D- Chad

Ans-    B

4. Which Indian city is to host the World Productivity Congress (WPC) 2020 ?

A- Bengaluru

B- Mumbai

C- Lucknow

D- Jaipur

Ans-    A

5. Which of the following state government has signed a MoU for construction of 6 equipment hiring centers with the Airport Authority of India ?

A- Gujarat

B- Haryana

C- Tripura

D- Assam

Ans-    C

6. The historic ‘City Chowk’, in old Jammu has been renamed as ________.

A- Atal Chowk

B- Bharat Mata Chowk

C- Jammu Chowk

D- Hari Singh Chowk

Ans-    B

7. Paul Biya, who recently won the Presidential elections, is the incumbent President of which African country ?

A- Cameroon

B- Egypt

C- Nigeria

D- Benin

Ans-    A

8. Tasnim Mir, Mansi Singh win bronze at Yonex Dutch Junior International. They are associated with _______.

A- Carrom

B- Tennis

C- Badminton

D- Golf

Ans-    C

9. Dr S Shettar, who passed away recently, was associated with which profession ?

A- Scientist

B- Historian

C- Archaeologist

D- Ornithologist

Ans-    B

10. The ‘Bundelkhand expressway’, which was in news recently, is proposed to be built across which state ?

A- Bihar

B- Madhya Pradesh

C- Uttarakhand

D- Uttar Pradesh

Ans-    D

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