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1.Announced as the new CEO and president of Nokia. Who is he ?

A- Tapio Kula

B- Pekka Lundmark

C- Micah Ihumotilla

D- Armi Ratia

Ans-   B

2. Which State has reduced the retirement age of government employees from 60 to 58 Years ?

A- Punjab

B- Uttar Pradesh

C- Andhra Pradesh

D- Telangana

Ans-    A

3.Where is the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) ?

A- Cairo

B- Nairobi

C- Geneva

D- Manila

Ans-   D

4. Which State’s Environment Minister has announced the state to become single-use Plastic free by 1 May ?

A- Madhya Pradesh

B- Maharashtra

C- Uttar Pradesh

D- Odisha

Ans-    B

5.Who is the chairman of the Asian Development Bank ?

A- Roberto Azvedo

B- Harry Dexter White

C- Matsugu Asakawa

D- None of These

Ans-    C

6. How many universities participated in Khelo India University Games ?

A- 113

B- 112

C- 111

D- 110

Ans-    A

7. Where did Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurate the new Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) Production hangar ?

A- New Delhi

B- Ghaziabad

C- Chennai

D- Bengaluru

Ans-    D

8.Which of the following is the currency of Nepal ?

A- Dollar

B- Pound

C- Rupee

D- Peso

Ans-    C

9.Balbir Singh Kullar has passed away recently, which sports is he related to ?

A- Cricket

B- Hockey

C- Football

D- Netball

Ans-   B

10. Which Country has backed out of the UNHRC proposal on war crimes ?

A- India

B- Germany

C- Srilanka

D- China

Ans-    C

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