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1.The agreement on the prohibition of attack against nuclear installations and facilities was signed in 1988 between which two countries?

[A] US and USSR

[B] USSR and China

[C] India and Pakistan

[D] India and USSR

Answer: C

2.From which Indian organization, the four personnel have been selected for training in Russia for the Gaganyaan Mission, that is going to be launchedin 2022?




[D] Indian Navy


3.Who will launch the “Earthshot Prize” to motivate new solution to tackle climate crisis?

[A] Duke of Cambridge

[B] Queen Elizabeth II

[C] Duke of Sussex

[D] Prince of Wales


4.Who will be the head of the recently created Sainya Karta Vibhag?

[A] Prime Minister

[B] Defence Minister

[C] Finance Minister

[D] Chief of Defence

Answer: D

5.Which nation has recently banned the ‘reef toxic’ sunscreen?

[A] Australia

[B] New Zealand

[C] Palau

[D] Nauru

Answer: C

6.The US was recently praised by the UAE for its role in the Global Coalition against Daesh. What is the other name for Daesh?

[A] Al Qaeda

[B] Hezbollah


[D] Houthis

Answer: C

7.Which is the world’s first major city to celebrate the start of the 2020 New Year and new decade?

[A] Sydney

[B] Auckland

[C] Christchurch

[D] Welllington

Answer: B

8.What aspect of agriculture is focused upon by Krishi Karman Award?

[A] Supply

[B] Sales

[C] Production

[D] Water Management

Answer: C

9.What is the aim of the recently formed Akhil Bharatiya Gujarati Samaj Sankalan Samiti?

[A] Include NRIs in the State’s development process

[B] Include non-resident Gujaratis in the state’s development process

[C] Include persons of Indian origin in state’s development process

[D] Include Indians outside Gujarat in the development process

Answer: B

10.What is Landouria tonywhitteni that was named after Tony Whitten?

[A] Snail

[B] Grasshopper

[C] Snake

[D] Beetle

Answer: A

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