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1. On Which Day, World Wetland Day is Observed ?

A- 01 February

B- 02 February

C- 03 February

D- 04 February

Ans-   B

2. Recently, WHO Declared Global Health Emergency due to Which Virus ?

A- Small Pox


C- Chickengunia

D- Coronavirus

Ans-   D

3. Who has been appointed as the Executive Chairman of FIFA Foundation ?

A- Sepp Blatter

B- Mike Tomlin

C- Lane Kiffin

D- Mauricio Macri

Ans-   D

4. Who has become the 4th Indian to Score 10,000 runs Purely as Opener ?

A- Virat Kohli

B- Rohit Sharma

C- Ravindra Jadeja

D- K L Rahul

Ans-  B

5. Barca Academy Cup is associated With Which Sports ?

A- Hockey

B- Chess

C- Football

D- Basketball

Ans-   C

6. Who has won the ‘World Games Athlete of the Year’ award ?

A- Hima Das

B- Rani Rampal

C- Mary Kom

D- Dutee Chand

Ans-  B

7. Which Bank has launched the unique Self-Service delivery facility, called “iBox” ?


B- HDFC Bank


D- Punjab National Bank

Ans-   A

8. Tango Application has been launched by Which Company ?

A- Facebook


C- Google

D- Microsoft

Ans-  C

9. Which of the Following announced $1-million grant to promote news Literacy among Indians ?

A- Google

B- Amazon

C- Facebook

D- YouTube

Ans-   A

10. Who become the First ever female conductor during Oscars guest-segment ?

A- Rachel Portman

B- Laura Karpman

C- Samira Cardon

D- Eimear Noone

Ans-   D

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