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1.International Labour Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 29 April 

B- 30 April 

C- 01 May

D- 02 May

Ans-    C

2. Appointed the next Ambassador of India to Qatar ?

A- Deepak Mittal 

B- Piyush Srivastava

C- Ajay Kumar 

D- Javed Ashraf 

Ans-    A

3. Which of the following country has placed India on priority watch list for intellectual property protection?

A- France 


C- China 

D- Germany 

Ans-    B

4. Which State Government Started Jeevan Amrit Yojana ?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Rajasthan 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Madhya Pradesh 

Ans-   D

5. According to the Open Budget Survey, Which of the following country topped in terms of budget transparency and accountability?

A- Norway 

B- Denmark 

C- New Zealand 

D- Switzerland 

Ans-    C

6. Ramayan becomes the highest viewed entertainment program globally. It created a world record when ________ people watched the show in a single day.

A- 13 million 

B- 42 million 

C- 55 million 

D- 77 million 

Ans-    D

7. Which State Started ‘Ayur Raksha’ clinic ?

A- Sikkim 

B- Meghalay 

C- Kerala 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-    C

8. Recently black rice, ‘Chak-Hao’ got a Geographical Indication (GI) tag from which of the following Indian state?

A- Manipur 

B- Nagaland 

C- Assam 

D- Karnataka 

Ans-    A

9. Which of the following state/UT police has launched Ayuraksha- ‘Corona se jung – Delhi Police ke sang’ in partnership with  All India Institute of Ayurveda, Ministry of AYUSH?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Chandigarh 

C- Rajasthan 

D- Delhi 

Ans-    D 

10. Recently, Who among the following has been named advisor to Google Pay India?

A- Usha Sangwan

B- Shikha Sharma 

C- Rana Kapoor 

D- Amitabh Chaudhry 

Ans-    B

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