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1.Which state recently passed resolution to conduct a caste-based census in the state ?

A- Kerala

B- Bihar

C- West Bengal

D- Odisha

Ans-    B

2. The US and Taliban signed a peace deal for the withdrawal of American troops from ________

A- Iraq

B- Syria

C- Pakistan

D- Afghanistan

Ans-    D

3. Ritesh Agarwal, who was named as the world’s second youngest billionaire, is the founder of which Indian start-up company ?

A- Zomato

B- Byjus

C- Oyo Hotels

D- Swiggy

Ans-    C

4. Which of the following country hosted a month long Ekushey book fair ?

A- Nepal

B- Bangladesh

C- Srilanka

D- Myanmar

Ans-   B

5. Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla launches ‘Suposhit Maa Abhiyaan’ in ________.

A- Kota

B- Bhind

C- Rew

D- Indore

Ans-    A

6. As of 2020, how many languages in India are given the status of ‘Classical language’ ?

A- 10

B- 8

C- 6

D- 4

Ans-   C

7. Which of the following district of Madhya Pradesh is hosting the the two day long Chilli Festival ?

A- Khargone

B- Indore

C- Morena

D- Gwalior

Ans-   A

8. What is the theme of the ‘National Science Day’ 2020 ?

A- Youth in Science

B- Children in Science

C- Artificial Intelligence in Science

D- Women in Science

Ans-    D

9. Indian Railways launches its First ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ in the circulating area of ________ railway station.

A- Asansol

B- Jalgaon

C- Dhanbad

D- Siliguri

Ans-    A

10. Muhyiddin Yassin has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of ________.

A- Indonesia

B- Cuba

C- Malaysia

D- Vietnam

Ans-    C

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