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1.The government had recently launched central Equipment Identify Register portal. It operates under which of department?

[A] Department of Science and Technology

[B] Department of Telecom

[C] Department of Biotechnology

[D] Department of Public Enterprise

Answer: B

2.Dhanu Jatra is currently celebrated in which state?

[A] Odisha

[B] Telangana

[C] Jharkhand

[D] Madhya Pradesh


3.Fausta, a female black rhino, believed to be the world’s oldest rhino, had recently died in Tanzanian conservation area. What is the IUCN status ofthe black rhinos?

[A] Least concern

[B] Endangered

[C] Critically Endangered

[D] Near threatened


4.Which state is going to observe “No Vehicle Day” on the first day of every month in 2020?

[A] Kerala

[B] Gujarat

[C] Punjab

[D] Rajasthan


5.Where was the event held to commemorate the 76th Anniversary of the First Flag Hoisting by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

[A] Kashmir

[B] Jammu

[C] Ladakh

[D] Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Answer: D

6.Which state is going to conduct its maiden snow leopard survey?

[A] Uttrakhand

[B] Himachal Pradesh

[C] Haryana

[D] Punjab


7.Which ministry is set to launch “Santusht” portal for rapid grievance redressal for the employers and the employees?

[A] Ministry of Commerce and Industry

[B] Ministry of Finance

[C] Ministry of Labor and Employment

[D] Ministry of Human Resource Developmen

Answer: C

8.Who is going to head the recently constituted task force for developing the National Infrastructure Pipeline?

[A] Cabinet Secretary

[B] Economic Affairs Secretary

[C] Revenue Secretary

[D] Finance Secretary


9.The dornier aircraft, that was recently inducted into the Otters Squadron, belongs to which category?

[A] Reconnaissance aircraft

[B] Light Utilityaircraft

[C] Surveillance aircraft

[D] Strategic Airlifter


10.Captain Vikram Batra, after whom Delhi is to rename it’s Mukarba Chowk, was martyred in which war?

[A] Sino-Indian war of 1962

[B] Indo-Pakistan war of 1947

[C] Kargil War

[D] Bangladesh Liberation War


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