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1. The Indian Navy launched Which Operation to help cyclone hit Madagascar ?

A- Operation Gems

B- Operation Water

C- Operation Vanilla

D- Operation Candy

Ans-   C

2. India’s Gita Sabharwal has been appointed as the UN Resident Coordinator in Which Nation ?

A- Kenya

B- Thailand

C- Maldives

D- Vietnam

Ans-  B

3. What is the estimate Coast of the Project sanctioned by Railway Board ?

A- Rs. 115.96 Crores

B- Rs. 118.96 Crores

C- Rs. 116.96 Crores

D- Rs. 112.96 Crores

Ans-  D

4. Who launched Special Edition of Khadi Watches ?

A- Shri Vikram Sharma

B- Shri Nitin Gadkari

C- Shri  Prakash Javadekar

D- Shri Ramesh Kumar

Ans-  B

5. Which Indian City has the world’s worst traffic, as per the Global Traffic Index ?

A- New Delhi

B- Tokyo

C- Bangalore

D- Beijing

Ans-   C

6. Which of the Following State has launched Virtual Police Station ?

A- Odisha

B- Bihar

C- Telangana

D- Uttar Pradesh

Ans-   A

7. Which of the Following Hindi word is Oxford Hindi word for the Year 2019 ?

A- Samvidhaan

B- Aadhaar

C- Nari Shakti

D- Gulab Jamun

Ans-    A

8. Which Nation is the Second Biggest Weapon Producer after the USA as per Reports by SIPRI ?

A- India

B- China

C- Pakistan

D- Russia

Ans-  B

9. Which Indian State has recently Reported the First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus ?

A- Assam

B- West Bengal

C- Kerala

D- Bihar

Ans-   C

10. Who will be awarded With Prestigious French Honour for the Contribution to the Field of Theater ?

A- Tania Shergill

B- Sanjana Kapoor

C- Jeena Akar

D- Rani Rampal

Ans-   B

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