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1.International Transgender Day of Visibility is observed every year on ________

A- 30 March 

B- 31 March 

C- 01 April 

D- 02 April 

Ans-     B

2. Who has won the Best Actor Award in Critics Choice film Awards ?

A- Ranveer Singh 

B- Ayushman Khurana

C- Vicky Kaushal

D- Varun Dhawan

Ans-    A

3. ‘Madadgaar’ helpline was recently in the news. The ‘Madadgaar’ helpline works under _________.

A- Indian Army 

B- Delhi Police 

C- Central Reserve Police Force 

D- Central Industrial Security Force 

Ans-    C

4. The State Government has launched the PRAGYAAM App ?

A- Uttarakhand 

B- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Delhi 

D- Jharkhand 

Ans-    D

5. Which of the following institute is working to develop portable ventilators to support medical infrastructure ?

A- IIT Delhi 

B- IIT Kanpur 

C- IIT Madras 

D- IISC Bengaluru 

Ans-    B

6. Which of the following state government has launched an ‘Active Case Finding Campaign’ for COVID 19 patients ?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Rajasthan 

C- Madhya Pradesh 

D- Himachal Pradesh 

Ans-    D

7. Which Bank unveiled it’s new Logo ?





Ans-    C

8. Which of the following company has partnered with ICICI Lombard to launch COVID-19 insurance products for shopkeepers ?

A- BharatPe

B- PhonePe

C- PayTm

D- Amazon India 

Ans-    A

9. Which State Government has introduced Mobile hand-wash facility ?

A- Kerala 

B- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Odisha 

Ans-    B

10. Princess Maria Teresa became the first royal person to die from COVID-19. She was from ________.


B- France 

C- Spain 

D- Italy 

Ans-    C

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