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1.  Laws of Association are                                                                                                                                                     

(a) law of similarity 

(b) law of contrast

(c) Law of contiguity

(d) All of these

2. Which of the following is a Domain of learning 

(a) Professional 

(b) Experiential 

(c) Affective 

(d) Spiritual

3. “Child is a Book which the teacher has to learn from page to page.” Who has stated the above ?

(a) Plato 

(b) Aristotle

(c) Rousseau

(d) Ross

4. Experimental me thod was of all Itroduced by 

(a) Judd

(b) Rice and cornman 

(c) Wilhelm Wundt

(d) Collins and Drever

5. Project teaching method is associated with 

(a) Frobel 

(b) John Dewey

(c) Armstrong

(d) McDougal 

6. ‘Sociological type of theory’ of personality was given by 

(a) Hippocrates

(b) Kretschmer

(c) Sheldon

(d) Seranger

7. Who has given hierarchy of Human needs ?

(a) Thorndike 

(b) Maslow

(c) Guilford

(d) Koffk a

8. Area of individual differences is 

(a) gender difference

(b) boody structure

(C) mental abilities

(d) All of these

9. Frobel emphasizes which of these games ?

(a) Ball Game 

(b) Block Game 

(c) Figure game 

(d) all of these 

10. District Primary Education programme (DPEP) was launched in the year 

(a) 1990

(b) 1993 

(c) 1998

(d) 2000

11. In your view, Teaching is 

(a) a process

(b) an art

(c) a skill

(d) (B) and (C)

12. Which of the following is not a domain of learning ?

(a) Cognitive 

(b) Affective 

(c) Conative

(d) Spiritual

13. Who had developed Child Apperception Test ?

(a) Murray

(b) Bellack

(c) Robert

(d) Rosenwing

14. Impairment is disturbance at 

(a) bodily level

(b) Functional level 

(c) social level

(d) educational level 

15. Which one of the following is an example of learning style ?

(a) Visual

(b) Accrual

(c) factual

(d) Tactual


1 D 6 D 11 D
2 C 7 B 12 D
3 C 8 D 13 B
4 C 9 B 14 B
5 B 10 B 15 A

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