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1. Which of the following would be the most appropriate way to encourage disadvantaged children to attend school regularly?

(a) Not allowing children to attend school may be made a legally punishable offence

(b) A child collector employed by the school, must bring children from homes everyday

(e) Paying Rs . 5 per day to attract children

(d) Opening residential schools

2. Orthopedically impaired children are likely to have

(a) dyscalculia

(b) dyslexia

(c) dysgraphia

(d) dysthymia

3. Which one of the following is an example of a fine motor skill?

(a) Writing

(b) Climbing

(c) Hopping

(d) Running

4. Gifted students are

(a) introvert in nature

(b) non-assertive of their needs

(c) independent in their judgements

(d) independent of teachers

5. Partial  reinforcement

(a) cannot be applied in actual classrooms

(b) works best in training animals

(c) is more effective than continuous reinforcement

(d) is less effective than continuous reinforcement

6. Adolescents may experience

(a) feeling of fear about sins committed in childhood

(b) feeling of self-actualization

(c) feeling of satiation about life

(d) anxiety and concern about themselves

7. Which of the following is true in relation to errors made by children?

(a) A teacher should not notice every error otherwise syllabus will not be covered

(b) Correcting every error would take too much time and be tiresome for teacher

(c) Errors can be corrected by children themselves, therefore a teacher should not immediately correct the

(d) If a teacher is not able to correct all errors in the classroom it indicates that the system of teacher education has failed

8. Which would be the best first theme to start with in a nursery class?

(a) My family

(b) My best friend

(c) My neighbourhood 

(d) My school

8. Successful inclusion requires the following except 

(a) segregation

 (b) involvement of parents

(c) capacity building

(d) sensitization

9. A teacher can make problem-solving fun for students by doing all the following except

(a) expecting perfection from the students while they are trying to do things by themselves

(b) providing open ended material

(c) giving time for free play

(d) providing endless opportunities for creative thinking

10. The best way to avoid gender discrimination in a school may be

(a) recruitment of equal number of male and female teachers

(b) formation of a rule to shun gender discrimination in the school and enforce it strictly

(c) selection of more boys than girls for a music competition

(d) metacognition of their gender-biased behaviours by teachers

11. In order to instil a positive environment in a primary class, a teacher should

(a) allow them to make groups on their own on the basis of sociometry during group activities

(b) narrate stories with positive endings

(c) wish each child in the morning

(d) not discriminate and set the same goal for every child

12. Of the following, the greatest advantage of Interdisciplinary instruction is that

(a) students are given opportunities to generalize and apply newly learned knowledge in multiple contexts

(b) teachers are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of topics needed to be addressed in a traditional curriculum

(c) students are less likely to develop a dislike for particular topics of different subject areas

(d) teachers are permitted greater flexibility in planning lessons and activities

13. Learners who demonstrate an earnest desire for increased knowledge and academic competence are said to have a

(a) performance-avoidance orientation

(b) work-avoidance orientation

(c) mastery orientation

(d) performance-approach orientation

14. A child of 16 years scores 75 in an IQ test his mental age will be ……….. years.

(a) 15

(b) 12

(c) 8

(d) 14

15. Smallest unit of meaning in a language is

(a) phoneme

(b) pragmatics

(c) syntax

(d) morpheme


1 D 6 D 11 D
2 C 7 D 12 A
3 A 8 A 13 D
4 C 9 A 14 B
5 C 10 D 15 A

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