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1. What is the sign of being gifted?

(a) Novelty in expression/Curiosity

(b) Curiosity

(c) Talkativeness 

(d) Hyper activeness

2. Which is regarded as a unique age of socialization in school?

(a) Infancy

(b) Childhood

(c) Adulthood

(d) Adolescence

3. Which of the following principles of development is incorrect one?

(a) There are individual differences in development.

(b) Development is the result of coincidences.

(c) It is a continuous process.

(d) It is predictable. According to 

4.  According to Kolesnik what is the reorganization of concept?

(a) Behaviour

(b) Words

(c) Thinking 

(d)  Problems

5. In most schools today the primary consideration for homogeneous grouping is based on

(a) grade levels

(b) age levels

(c) ability levels

(d) pupil presumption

6. Child having some problems in seeing objects. According to NCF 2005, he should be admitted in

(a) Regular School

(b) Special School

(c) Inclusive School

(d) Integrated School

7. Naresh and Muktesh have same age group. They show quite difference in social and inrntal development. It is due to the following principle of development.

(a) Principle of modifiability

(b) Principle of definite and predictable pattern

(c) Principle of individuality

(d) Principle of uniform pattern

8. Development occurs in human being

(a) up to the end of adolescence period

(b) up to the end of childhood

(c) up to the starting of adulthood 

(d) throughout the life

9. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) of measuring personality is a

(a) subjective technique

(b) objective technique

(c) projective technique

(d) experimental technique

10. For an inclusive classroom, what kind of preparation is not necessary for teachers?

(a) Intensive involvement of behavioural and social activist

(b) Early and continuous contact with children in disadvantaged areas

(c) More frequent exposure to diagnostic and remedial

(d) Low patience level

11. Which of the following is an innovative source of teaching?

(a) Telescope

(b) Internet

(c) Facebook

(d) Blackboard

12. After preparing a test, if a teacher repeatedly administers it on the children of same age group in order to find out the consistency of test scores, he is looking the tests

(a) validity

(b) reliability

(c) objectivity

(d) utility

13. According to Kohlberg, the level in which child’s morality is controlled by the fear of punishment, is called

(a) premoral level

(b) conventional morality level

(c) self- accepted moral principle level

(d) morality level

14. Which of the following is not a teacher related factor affecting teaching?

(a) Knowledge of subject

(b) Communicative skills

(c) Empathy with students

(d) Availability of resources

15. What type of education system does NCF-2005 encourage?


(b) Integrated

(c) Special         

(d) Regular


1 B 6 C 11 B
2 B 7 C 12 B
3 B 8 D 13 A
4 C 9 C 14 D
5 C 10 D 15 A

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