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1.  Which is the incorrect way to support the language development?

(a) Letting child talk uninterruptedly on a topic.

(b) Disapproving the use of their own language by children.

(c)  Supporting initiation taken by children.

(d) Providing opportunities for using language.

2. Which of the following cognitive verbs are used analyse the information given?

(a) Describe

(b) Identify

(c) Differentiate 

(d) classify

3. A teacher wishes to help her students to appreciate multiple views of a situation. She provides her students multiple opportunities to debate on this situation in different groups. According to Vygotsky’s perspective, her students will various views and develop multiple perspectives of the situation their own.

(a) rationalize

(b) internalize

(c) construct

(d) operationalize

4. Howard in wrestling theory of multiple irrespective of their capabilities

(a) conditioning skills in students

(b) general intelligence 

(c) common abilities required in school 

(d) the unique abilities of each individual

5. Which of the following is app-opiate environment conducive to thinking and learning in children ?

(a) Allowing students to take some decisions about what to learn and how to learn.

(b) Passive listening for long periods of time.

(c) Home assignments given sequentially.

(d) Individual tasks done by the learners.

6. Learning Disability in motor skills is called 

(a) Dysphasia 

(b) Dyspraxia

(c) Dyscalculia 

(d) Dyslexia

7. Seema is desperate to score A grade in an examination. As she enters the examination hall and the examination begins, she becomes extremely nervous. Her feet go cold her heart starts pounding and she is unable to answer properly. The primary reason this is that

(a) she may not be able to deal with sudden emotional outburst

(b) she may not be very confident about her preparation

(c) she may be thinking excessively about the result of this examination

(d) invigilator teacher on duty may be her class teacher and she is of very strict nature

8. Learning disability

(a) does improve with appropriate input 

(b) is a stable state

(c) is a variable state

(d) need not impair functioning

9. Interest has a relationship with

(a) ability

(b) attention

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

10. Application of knowledge, skill or subject learned in other situations is known as

(a) Motivation

(b) Transfer of learning

(c) Frustration

(d) Worry

11. Which of the following is tip first step in the process of conditioning?

(a) Stimulus

(b) Frequency

(c) Generalization

(d) None of the above

12. ‘Memory is t he direct use of what is learned’. Who stated the above statement?

(a) McDougall

(b) Woodworth

(c) Ross

(d) Dreyer

13. Emotion is organized through ………..

(a) habits

(b) instincts

(c) physical development

(d) formation of concepts 

14. “Thinking is mental activity in its 149. B cognitive aspect. ”                                                                                            Whose definition of thinking is this one?

(a) Warren

(b) Ross

(c) Valentine

(d) Skinner

15. For the development of imagination

(a) sense organs should be trained

(b) story should be narrated

(c) attention should be paid on the development of creative tendencies

(d) All the above activities should be carried out.


1 B 6 B 11 A
2 C 7 A 12 B
3 B 8 C 13 B
4 B 9 B 14 B
5 A 10 B 15 D

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