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1. Which of the following would be the most appropriate way to encourage disadvantaged children to attend school regularly?

(a) Not allowing children to attend school may be made a legally punishable offence

(b) A child collector employed by the school, must bring children from homes everyday

(c) Paying Rs. 5 per day to attract children

(d) Opening residential schools

2. Which ore of following is an fine motor skill ?

(a) Writing

(b) Climbing

(c) Climbing

(d) Climbing

3. Gifted students are

(a) introvert in nature

(b) non-assertive of their needs

(c) independent in their judgements

(d) independent of teacher

4. Partial reinforcement

(a) cannot be applied in actual classrooms

(b) works best in training animals

(c) is more effective than continuous reinforcement

(d) is less effective than continuous reinforcement

5. Adolescents may experience

(a) feeling of fear about sins commit in childhood

(b) feeling of self – actualization

(c) feeling of satiation about life

(d) anxiety and concem about themselves

6. While selecting material for the portfolio of students – of should be there.

(a) inclusion; student

(b) inclusion; parents

(c) exclusion; students

(d) inclusion; other teachers

7.Leamers who demonstrate an earnest desire for increased knowledge and academic competence are said to have a

(a) performance-avoidance orientation

(b) work-avoidance orientation

(c) mastery orientation

(d) performance-approach orientation

8. One of the identical twin brcIhet3 is adopted by a socio-economically rich family and other by a poor family. After one year, which one of the following may be most likely observed about their IQ scores ?

(a) The boy with poor family will greater than the boy with rich socioeconomic family

(b) Socio-economic level does not affect the IQ score

(c) The-boy with rich socio-economic family will score greater than the boy with poor family

(d) Both of them will score equally

9.  A child of 16 years scores 75 in an IQ  test his mental age will be …… years.

(a) 15

(b) 12

(c) 8

(d) 14

10. Smallest unit of meaning in a language is

(a) phoneme 

(b) pragmatics

(c) syntax

(d) morpheme

11. What type of problems are faced by children in adolescent stage?

(a) Adjustment with physical and mental changes

(b) Adjustment with peer groups

(c) Adjustment with parents

(d) Study related adjustment

12. What type of questions should be asked to students in the examination?

(a) Memory and understanding based

(b) Objective and subjective

(c) Understanding and application based

(d) Only objective

13. At the upper primary level, a teacher should have a knowledge of action research because

(a) they will develop an ability to identify the problems of children and skill of improvement

(b) they can make self-development

(c) they can teach the students effectively

(d) they develop the skill of doing research

14. Orthopedically impaired children are likely to have

(a) dyscalculia 

(b) dyslexia

(c) dysgraphia 

(d) dysthymia 

15. Which ore of following is an example of a fine motor skill ? 

(a) Writing

(b) Climbing

(c) Hopping

(d) Running


1 D 6 A 11 A
2 A 7 D 12 C
3 C 8 B 13 A
4 C 9 B 14 C
5 D 10 A 15 A



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