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1. The laws of learning are given by

(a) Pavlov

(b) Skinner

(c) Thorndike

(d) Kohler

2. Which psychologist used non-sense syllables as a material of learning?

(a) William James

(b) Skinner

(c) Ebbinghaus

(d) partlet

3. Characteristics of good memory are

(a) rapid recall

(b) rapid recognition

(c) good retention

(d) All of these

4. The central focus of Child psychology is

(a) good teacher

(b) child

(c) teaching

(d) school

5. On the basis of Child Psychology, which statement is appropriate?

(a) All the children are homogeneous

(b) Some children are homogeneous

(c) Some children are unique

(d) Every child is unique

6. First stage to learn skill is

(a) reality

(b) imagination

(c) co-ordination

(d) imitation

7. The concept of mental age is introduced by

(a) Thorndick

(b) Guilford

(c) Spearman

(d) Binet-Simon

8. A good teaching method for infancy stage is

(a) Montessory method

(b) Playway method

(c) Kindergarten method

(d) All of the above.

9. Motives are classified as:

(a) natural and artificial

(b) less important and more important

(c) inborn and acquired

(d) motives and incentives

10. In a of process of learning ,” transfer of learning” can be

(a) positive

(c) negative

(c) zero

(d) All of these.

11. Which of the following on learning by insight?

(a) Psycho analytical theory

(b) Behaviourism

(c) Connectionism

(d) Gestalt theory

12. Learning is

(a) a change in behaviour

(b) the result of experience or practice

(c) relatively permanent change in behaviour

(d) All of the above.

13. A child of class 4 always suffers with anxiety and frustration, you will

(a) complain to his guardian

(b) bring him to psychiatrist

(c) do the role of a counsellor

(d) leave him on his fortune

14. The type of personality of a person expressing his Libido outward is

(a) cognitive personality

(b) aesthetic personality

(c) extrovert personality

(d) religious personality

15. ‘Social development means acquisition of the ability to have in accordance with social exceptions’.
This statement is of

(a) Hurlock

(b) TP Nunn

(c) Mcdougall

(d) Ross


1 C 6 D 11 D
2 C 7 D 12 D
3 D 8 D 13 C
4 B 9 D 14 C
5 D 10 D 15 A

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