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1.  What is the effect of education on culture?
(a) To maintain continuity of culture
(b) To help in forwarding the culture
(c) Refinement of culture
(d) All of the above.
2. Dyscalculia is related to
(a) reading disability
(b) writing disability
(e) numerical disability
(d) reasoning disability                                                                                                      3. Software approach is related to
(a) radio
(b) television
(c) computer
(d) applying psychological principles
4. Piaget’s which stage is related to abstract and logical thinking?
(a) Sensory motor stage
(b) Pre-operational stage
(c) Formal operational stage
(d) Concrete operational stage
5. To motivate the children to learn the teacher should promote
(a) competition
(b) reward the children who stands first in class
(c) creation of appropriate situation and environment for learning
(d) talented students of the class by praising
6. Which curriculum did Mahatma Gandhi emphasized for basic education?
(a) Art of Dance centered
(b) Art of Craft centered
(c) Bookcraft centered
(d) Art of Music centered
7. Saying ‘good, very good, excellent’ to students is
(a) verbal reinforcement
(b) non-verbal reinforcement
(c) positive verbal reinforcement
(d) negative verbal reinforcement
8. “A backward child is one who, in his mid school career (i.e. about 10 -11 yr) is unable to do the work of the class next below that which is normal for his age.” Whose statement is this?
(a) Scyrill Burt (b) Termann
(c) Taylor (d) Marantis
9. For an effective and permanent learning, learner should have
(a) opportunities to learn
(b) desired level of ability and motivation
(c) requisite level of intelligence
(d) ability to learn                                                                                                                10. Who is the founder of ‘Play Method of Teaching’?
(a) Socrates (b) Froebel
(e) Kilpatrick (d) Aristotle                                                                                                     11.  According to Scyrill Burt, Intelligence of backward children is
(a) above 120
(b) below 85
(e) below 120
(d) None of these
12. Quality of an ideal teacher is
(a) democratic attitude
(b) mastery in subject matter
(e) knowledge of child psychology
(d) All of the above.
13. The part of educational process is
(a) teacher (b) student
(e) curriculum (d) All of these.
14. Which of the following is the most appropriate method to monitor the progress of children with learning disabilities?
(a) Case-study
(b) Anecdotal records
(c) Behaviour-rating scale
(d) Structured behavioural observation
15. The best way to increase the chances of learning of disabled students to lead a full and productive life, is by
(a) focussing on weaknesses of such students
(b) maintaining a high expectation from such students
(c) teaching a variety of skills and strategies that can be applied across a range of contexts
(d) encouraging these children to define their own goals


1 D 6 B 11 B
2 C 7 C 12 D
3 D 8 A 13 D
4 C 9 B 14 D
5 C 10 B 15 C

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