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1. According to Piaget, which one of the following factors plays an important role in influencing development?

(a) Experience with the physical world

(b) Imitation

(c) Reinforcement

(d) Language

2. The cognitive ability that comes in pre-operational period is :

(a) ability of goal-directed behaviour

(b) ability to take other’s perspective

(c) hypothetico-deductive thinking

(d) ability for abstract thinking

3. Which one of the following is a correctly matched pair?

(a) Good boy and good girl orientation One earns approval by being nice

(b) Law and order orientation-Ethical Principles are self-chosen on the basis of the value of human right

(c) Social contract orientation-Physical consequences of an action determine whether it is good or bad

(d) Punishment and obedience orientation-Laws are not fixed, but can be changed for the good of society

4. The concept of ‘private speech’ of children es proposed by Vygotsky :

(a) shows that children love themselves

(b) illustrates that children use speech to guide their own actions

(c) shows that children are stupid and thus need guidance of adults

(d) illustrates that children are egocentric

5. According to Vygotsky, learning cannot be separated from :

(a) reinforcement

(b) a measurable change in behaviour

(c) perception and attentional processes

(d) its social context

6. Progressive education entails that the classroom is :

(a) authoritarian, where the teacher dictates and the students follow meekly

(b) free for all with the teacher absent from it

(c) in full control of the teacher, who is dictatorial

(d) democratic and there is space given to children for understanding

7. Which one of the following illustrates a person with linguistic intelligence?

(a) Sensitivity to pitch, melody and tone

(b) The ability to notice and make distinctions among others

(c) The ability to handle long chains of reasoning

(d) Sensitivity to the meaning and order of words and the varied uses of language

8. Language ………….. thought processes.

(a) totally governs our

(b) has an influence on our

(C) cannot determine the

(d) does not influence the

9. A textbook of Class VIII has following illustrations: women as teachers and maids while men as doctors and pilots. This type of depiction is likely to promote :

(a) gender role play

(b) gender constancy

(c) gender empowerment

(d) gender stereotyping

10. The period of learning, where no improvement in performance is made, is called

(a) learning curve

(b) plateau of learning

(c) memory

(d) attention

11. Who has propounded the Law of Trial and Error of learning?

(a) Kohler

(b) Pavlov

(c) Thorndike

(d) Gestalt

12. ln a normal zygote, the number of chromosomes in pair is

(a) 22

(b) 23

(c) 24

(d) None of these

13. Operant Conditioning theory is propounded by

(a) Hull

(b) Thorndike

(c) Hegarty

(d) Skinner

14. Kohler is associated with which of the following?

(a) Theory of motivation

(b) Theory of development

(c) Theory of personality

(d) Theory of learning

15. Fluid mosaic model of intelligence was proposed by

(a) Cattell

(b) Thorndike

(c) Vernon

(d) Skinner


1 A 6 D 11 C
2 B 7 D 12 B
3 A 8 B 13 D
4 B 9 D 14 D
5 D 10 B 15 A

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