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1. ln a lively classroom situation is likely to be

(a) occasional roars of laughter

(b) complete silence

(c) frequent teacher-student dialogue

(d) loud discussion among students

2. The teacher in a classroom should act as a

(a) progressive role

(b) authoritarian role

(c) democratic role

(d) influential role

3. Which of the following is not a domain of learning?

(a) Cognitive

(b) Affective

(c) Conative

(d) Spiritual

4. An effective teacher is one who can

(a) control the class

(b) give more information in less time

(c) motivate students to learn

(d) correct the assignment carefully

5. Which of the following is not a type of reinforcement?

(a) Positive verbal reinforcement

(b) Physical punishment

(c) Negative verbal reinforcement

(d) None of the above.

6. A teacher’s most important challenge is

(a) to make students to their homework

(b) to make teaching-learning process enjoyable

(c) to maintain discipline in the classroom

(d) to prepare the question paper

7. Team teaching

(a) involves teams of teachers to optimize resources, interest and expertise

(b) is a way out to manage with the shortage of teachers

(c) encourages healthy competition among teams of teachers in a school

(d) involves Small teams of students as per their ability

8. Classrooms after implementation of RTE Act, 2009 are

(a) unaffected as RTE does not affect the average age of a class in a school

(b) gender-wise more homogeneous

(c) age-wise more homogeneous

(d) age-wise more heterogeneous

9″Operation Black Board” was the outcome of

(a) Kothari Commission

(b) National Curriculum Frame work 2005 (NCF 2005)

(c) National Policy on Education 1986 (NPE-1986)

(d) National Curriculum Framework- 2000 (NCF-2000)

10. Which of the following statements is not correct about continuous and comprehensive evaluation?

(a) It is a school based evaluation

(b) It reduces stress among learners.

(c) It uses grade in place of marks.

(d) It accumulates burden on teachers.

11. A person is legally blind, if his/her field of vision is 20 degrees, while his/her visual acuity is below than

(a) 6/6 in the better eye with best possible corrections

(b) 6n in the better eye with best possible corrections

(c) 6/30 in the better eye with best possible corrections

(d) 6/60 in the better eye with best possible corrections

12. Inclusive education refers to

(a) welcoming all children without discrimination in the regular school

(b) a particular method of education, that helps all children to learn

(c) encourage strict admission procedure

(d) use of Special Schools for teaching

13. Who had developed Child Apperception Test?

(a) Murray

(b) Bellack

(c) Robert

(d) Rosenwig

14. ln order to develop motivation among students, a teacher should

(a) encourage cut throat competition

(b) set an unachievable goal before students

(c) use new techniques and novel methods

(d) reduce their level of aspiration

15. Thinking in childhood is not marked by

(a) egocentrism

(b) animism

(c) realism

(d) individualism


1 C 6 D 11 D
2 A 7 B 12 C
3 D 8 A 13 A
4 C 9 C 14 B
5 C 10 C 15 D

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