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1.Who is the present chairman of NABARD?
1) P.V.S Suryakumar
2) Govinda Rajulu Chintala
3) Shaji K V
4) Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

ans 2

2.International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) 2020 was observed on July 4. What is the theme of IDC 2020?
1) “Sustainable societies through cooperation”
2) “Cooperatives for Climate Action”
3) “Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind”
4) “Cooperatives: The power to act for a sustainable future

ans 2

3.Badminton champion Lin Dan who announced retirement recently belongs to which country?
1) Singapore
2) Malaysia
3) Indonesia
4) Thailand
5) China

ans 5

4.”Mars Orbiter Mission’s (MOM) mars colour camera has captured closest and largest moon of mars ‘Phobos’ recently. MOM is associated which country?
1) United States
2) Russia
3) China
4) India

ans 4

5.Rajeeva Swarup was appointed as the Chief Secretary of which state?
1) Gujarat
2) Punjab
3) Maharashtra
4) West Bengal

ans 1

6.Name the person who has been appointed as the new prime minister of France.
1) Jean Castex
2) Maurice Gourdault-Montagne
3) Edouard Philippe
4) Antonin Baudr

ans 1

7.Who is the LG of Ladakh?
1) Radha Krishna Mathur
2) DroupadiMurmu
3) Jagdish Mukhi
4) Girish Chandra Murmu

ans 1

8.Name the ministry which in partnership with Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) launched ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’.
1) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
2) Ministry of Science and Technology
3) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
4) Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

ans 3


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