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1. What is the Name of rover of the Chandrayaan- 2 Mission ?

     A- Vijay          B- Pragyan

     C- Abhinav    D- Vikram 

Ans- Option- B

2. Which Country has launched the Smart Dragon-1 Rocket(SD-1) recently ?

    A- Japan     B- Russia 

    C- Israel      D- China 

Ans- Option- D

3. Which State has approved the Conservation plan of Ansupa Lake ?

    A- Assam     B- Himachal Pradesh 

    C- Odisha     D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- C

4. Sadbhavan Diwas is the Birth anniversary of ____ ?

    A- Rajiv Gandhi      B- Mahatma Gandhi 

    C- Indira Gandhi    D- Lal Bahadur Shastri 

Ans- Option- A

5. Madhur Deora has been named as the President of Which of the Following Organization ?

    A- Zomato      B- Paytm 

    C- Uber           D- Google India 

Ans- Option- B

6. Jagannath Mishra Who Passed away recently was the former chief Minister of Which State ?

     A- Jharkhand    B- Uttar Pradesh 

     C- Bihar             D- Himachal Pradesh 

Ans- Option- C

7. Researchers at IIT Madras have developed Which Industrial & Field Robot ?

    A- GraspMan      B- SmartRob

    C- AptMan          D- ProRob

Ans- Option- A

8. Which Country will honour the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the “Order of Zayed” ?

     A- UAE      B- Saudi Arab

     C- Qatar    D- Kuwait 

Ans- Option- A

9. Which Country has honoured First glacier ‘okjokull’ lost to climate change With funeral & plaque ?

     A- Argentina     B- Chile

     C- Greenland     D- Iceland

Ans- Option- D

10. Which Airline has become the First Indian Airline to fly Over North Pole ?

    A- IndiGo        B- SpiceJet

   C- Air India    D- GoAir

Ans- Option- C

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