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Today Current Affairs  ! Current gk  


1. Bangladesh Cricket Board has appointed whom as the head Coach ?

     A- Phil Simmons    B- Russell Domingo

      C- Ottis Gibson       D- Steve Rhodes 

Ans- Option- B

2. What is the Capital of Lithuania ?

    A- Vilnius     B- Oslo

    C- Tallinn     D- Helsinki

Ans- Option- A

3. Indian Navy will host a Multilateral Naval Exercise “MILAN” in ____ ?

    A- Chennai     B- Kolkata 

    C- Daman       D- Visakhapatnam

Ans- Option- D

4. Neelum Sharma who has Passed away recently was the Veteran Journalist and Senior anchor of Which news Channel ?

    A-  Aaj Tak       B- Dooradarshan

    C- Zee News    D- Rajya Sabha Tv

Ans- Option- B

5. After the formation of Ranipet, Tirupattur Districts, the Total number of Districts in Tamil Nadu is ____ ?

    A- 28        B- 31

     C- 37        D- 42

Ans- Option- C

6. The First ever CNG fuel station of Assam has been inaugurated at ____ ?

     A- Dibrugarh       B- Jorhat

     C- Dimapur          D- Silchar

Ans- Option- A

7. Tawlhlohpuan fabric of which State has got the GI Tag recently ?

     A- Manipur      B- Mizoram 

     C- Nagaland      D- Assam

Ans- Option- B

8. Which Country has slashed the aid given to the cash strapped Pakistan by nearly USD 440 million ?

    A- United States    B- China

    C- Saudi Arab        D- United Kingdom 

Ans- Option- A

9. The Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has predicted India’s GDP growth at ___% for FY20 ?

     A-  6.6%     B- 6.5%

     C- 6.4%      D- 6.2%

Ans- Option- D

10. Which among the Following countries is not a Baltic countries ?

      A- Spain      B- Lithuania

     C- Latvia     D- Estonia 

Ans- Option- A

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