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1. Third Edition of ‘Khelo India’ Games will be held in Which State ?

    A- Meghalay    B- Gujarat 

    C- Assam          D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans- Option- C

2. Fromer Union Minister S.Jaipal Reddy who Passed away recently belonged to which Political party ?

    A- BJP       B- SP

    C- BSP      D- Congress 

Ans- Option- D

3. Who has become the First Indian to bag the Miss Deaf World 2019 Title ?

    A- Nishtha Dudeja     B- Vidisha Baliyan

    C- Priyanka Patel       D- Suchitra Sharma

Ans- Option- B

4. ____ hacks free trade route, chokes Punjab cycle Industry ?

    A- China          B- Pakistan 

    C- Indonesia   D- Saudi Arabia 

Ans- Option- A

5. The 5th Dharma-Dhamma Conference was held at ___ ?

    A- Rajgir         B- Sarnath

    C- Patna          D- Bodh Gaya

Ans- Option- A

6. John Robert Schrieffer who Passed away recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Which Field ?

     A- Economics    B- Literature 

     C- Chemistry     D- Physics 

Ans- Option- D

7. Central Reserve Police Force Celebrated its 81st raising day on ___ ?

    A- 26 July      B- 27 July

    C- 28 July      D- 29 July 

Ans- Option- B

8. Govt. Decides to Extend Budget Session till ____ ?

    A- 29 July                B- 8th September 

    C- 18th October     D- 7th August 

Ans- Option- D

9. India’s First Bullet Train Project (Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail) Will be Completed by the Year ____ ?

    A- 2021      B- 2022

    C- 2023      D- 2025

Ans- Option- C

10. Gita Jayanti Mahotsav 2019 is Scheduled to be held at ___ ?

     A- Kurukshetra     B- Mathura

     C- Gurugram         D- Agra

Ans- Option- A

11. Noida to get ____ charging stations for Electric vehicles ?

     A- 500    B- 100

     C- 300    D- 250

Ans- Option- B

12. The GST Council has reduced GST Rate on Electrical Vehicles to ____ ?

      A- 8%       B- 10%

      C- 5%        D- 12%

Ans- Option- C

13. Which Country is going to Resume the use of death penalty after 16 Years of Break ?

       A- Australia       B- United States 

      C- France            D- Ireland 

Ans- Option- B

14. Which State ranks top in the Installation of rooftop Solar Projects across the Country ?

     A- Maharashtra    B- Tamil Nadu 

     C- Rajasthan          D- Gujarat 

Ans- Option- D

15. Which Country has unveiled its first Underwater Military Museum in the Red Sea ?

     A- Yemen     B- Jordan 

     C- Egypt       D- Saudi Arab

Ans- Option- B

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