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1. Who among the Following launched the “Fit India Movement ” ?

A- Narendra Modi    B- Smriti Irani

C- Amit Shah             D- Prakash Javadekar 

2. Name the App Which was created by Noida girls & has won the U.S. tech prize recently ?

A- Akshaya   B- Damini

C- Vidur        D- Maitri

3. India is buying “Spice- 2000” booms from which of the Following Country ?

A- Russia    B- Israel 

C- France    D- USA

4. Agni Prasad Kharel is Attorney General of Which of the Following Country ?

A- Bhutan    B- Bangladesh 

C- Nepal        D- Afghanistan 

5. What is the Name was given to the Integrated Online Junction for School Education launched by HRD Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ?

A- Shagun    B- Gyan

C- Ashray     D- kutumb

6. Who has topped the Forbes list of top 10 highest- paid women in Music for the Year ?

A- Beyonce       B- Rihanna

C- Katy Perry   D- Taylor Swift 

7. Approximately, ____ percent of Sundarban Delta is in India ?

A- 20%     B- 40%

C- 60%      D- 80%

8. Which Bank in Partnership with Mastercard have launched Millennia Cards ?

A- Axis Bank     B- HDFC Bank 

C- Yes Bank       D- ICICI Bank 

9. Lionel Aingimea has won the Election for President of Which Country ?

A- Palau      B- Kiribati

C- Nauru     D- Tuvalu

10. Government has permitted ____ Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Coal Mining ?

A- 30%      B- 50%

C- 80%       D- 100%


1-   A,   2-   D,   3-  B,   4-   C,   5-   A

6-  D,   7-  B,   8-   B,   9-  C,   10-   D

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