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1. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi will be renamed as___?

A- Atal Stadium   B- Sushma Swaraj Stadium 

C- Arun Jaitley Stadium   D- Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium 

2. Which of the Following bank has launched OTP facility for ATM cash withdrawals over Rs 10,000 ?

A- Canara Bank    B- Allahabad Bank

C- Indian Bank     D- Bandhan Bank 

3. Which Company has launched its First Artificial Intelligence chip springhill ?

A- Samsung    B- Qualcomm 

C- Toshiba       D- Intel 

4. Who among the Following has became the First Female Officer to become Flight Commander ?

A- Pooja Thakur     B- S Dhami

C- Mohana Singh    D- Bhawana Kanth

5. India has pledged to restore 50 lakh hectares of degraded land by Which Year ?

A- 2025     B- 2028

C- 2030      D- 2032

6. Who among the Following is not a recipient of Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards 2018 ?

A- Ajay Rawat          B- Prabhat Raju Koli

C- Aparna Kumar   D- Manikandan K

7. The 4th Edition of the Internet of Things(IoT) India Congress 2019 was held in Which City ?

A- Hyderabad   B- New Delhi 

C- Pune               D- Bengaluru 

8. “Shaheen VIII” is a joint military Exercise between Pakistan & ____ ?

A- Afghanistan    B- Indonesia 

C- China                D- Bangladesh 

9. Which of the Following Country will host COP14 of UN Convention ?

A- India      B- France 

C- China      D- Russia 

10. Pal Benko Who Passed away recently was associated With Which Sports ?

A- Badminton   B- Chess

C- Hockey           D- Polo 


1-  C,   2-  A,   3-  D,   4-  B,   5-  C

6-  A,   7-  D,   8-  C,   9-  A,   10-  B

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