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Today Current Affairs !! Current Affairs

1. Who launches heritage Postal stamp of Bandra Station ?

A- Shah Rukh Khan   B- Shahid Kapoor 

C- Shareena Kapoor   D- Anil Kapoor 

2. Which of the Following Country is not a Part of the G7 Group ?

A- France     B- China 

C- Japan        D- Italy 

3. Who among the Following has been chosen for “Eminent Engineer Award- 2019” ?

A- Prabhat Mishra    B- Anil Jaiswal

C- Prabhakar Singh    D- Ranjan Das

4. Which Bank joined With Standard Chartered for Co-branded credit cards ?

A- Bandhan Bank    B- Dena Bank 

C- Yes Bank               D- Corporation Bank 

5. PM Modi announced to celebrate ___ as a Month of Nutrition ?

A- August     B- September 

C- October    D- November 

6. Which of the Following Country has conferred “Order of Zayed” to PM Modi ?

A- Oman      B- UAE

C- Qatar       D- Kuwait 

7. Who among the Following will head the Central vigilance Commission’s pannel(CVC) to examine Bank fraud ?

A- Vinod Rai    B- Arvind Kumar 

C- V K Johri      D- T M Bhasin

8. Which place did India secured in the Henley Passport Index ?

A-  3        B-  4

C-   5        D-  6

9. What is the theme of 2019 G7 summit ?

A- Fighting Inequality    B- Fraternity 

C- Counter Terrorism      D- Fight Hunger 

10. Durand Cup associated With Which of the Following Sports ?

A- Cricket      B- Football 

C- Tennis        D- Volleyball 


1-  D,    2-  B,    3-  C,     4-  A,    5-   B

6-  B,    7-  D,    8-   C,    9-   A,   10-  B

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