Current Affairs 25 July 2019

1. What is the rank of India in the Global Innovation Index 2019 ?

     A- 76th     B- 60th

     C- 52nd      D- 43rd

Ans- Option- C

2. The Indian armed Forces are all set to Conduct the Country’s first- ever Space Warfare Exercise named what ?

      A- IndSpaceEx        B- BharatSpace

      C- ArmSpaceEx      D- SpaceForceEx

Ans- Option- A

3. Who becomes Indias First Gold Medalist in Kazakhstan Presidents Cup ?

     A- Suresh Kumar    B- Shiva Thapa

     C- Dinesh Gupta      D- Vikram Sharma 

Ans- Option- B

4. Madhya Pradesh Assembly has Passed a Bill raising OBC quota to ___ ?

     A- 22%       B- 16%

     C- 18%       D- 27%

Ans- Option- D

5. Who has Won the 2019 Hall of Fame Open (Tennis) Title ?

     A- John Isner      B- Alexander Bublik

     C- Marin Cilic      D- Dominic Thiem

Ans- Option- A

6. Mohun Bagan Ratan Award 2019 will be awarded to Whom ?

      A- Keshav Dutt         B- Prasenjit Chatterjee 

      C- Sourav Ganguly   D- Chuni Goswami

Ans- Option- A

7. Which Country set to host 2020 FIFA Women U-20 World Cup ?

     A- Nigeria      B- India

     C- Pakistan    D- South Korea 

Ans- Option- A

8. Maxim Dadashev who was Passed away recently was associated With Which Sports ?

     A- Golf        B- Soccer 

     C- Boxing   D- Swimming 

Ans- Option- C

9. M-Pesa – a Mobile Phone Based banking Service which has closed its Operations in India was operated by which Tele Company ?

     A- Idea       B- Vodafone 

     C- Jio          D- Airtel

Ans- Option- B

10. Who among the Following will be Britain’s new Prime Minister ?

     A- Nigel Farage      B- Jeremy Hunt

     C- Boris Johnson   D- Michael Gove

Ans- Option- C

11. How many Archaeological Site Museums Currently Under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) ?

     A-  20      B- 39

     C-  48      D-  52

Ans- Option- C

12. The Central board of Direct Taxes(CBDT) Observed the 159th Income Tax Day i.e. Aaykar Diwas on ?

     A- 21 July     B- 22 July

     C- 23 July      D- 24 July

Ans- Option- D

13. Ministerial Meeting of the NAM(Non- Aligned Movement) was held in Which Country Recently ?

     A- Cameroon       B- Venezuela

     C- Vietnam           D- Burkina Faso

Ans- Option- B

14. What is the Other Name of Vande Bharat Express ?

      A- Train 18            B- Fast Express 

      C- Semi Express   D- Digital Express 

Ans- Option- A

15. As per the Reserve Bank of India data, Which State has reported highest number of ATM fraud in 2018 – 19 ?

     A- Karnataka    B- Maharashtra 

    C- Gujarat          D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans- Option- B

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