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1. BCCI gave the Title sponsorship rights to Which of the Following Company for the next five Years ?

A- PhonePe     B- Paytm 

C- Zomato        D- Uber

2. Which State Topped the National Health Mission(NHM) Ranking ?

A- Rajasthan    B- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Karnataka    D- Bihar 

3. Which of the Following City hosted the First World Youth Conference on Kindness ?

A- Chennai      B- Pune

C- Mumbai      D- New Delhi 

4. Which State allots free Medicine Scheme Secures too rank ?

A- Rajasthan     B- Kerala 

C- Bihar             D- Tamil Nadu 

5. As per RBI Guidelines, RTGS System will Open at _____ from August 26 2019 ?

A- 6 AM        B- 6:30 AM

C- 7 AM        D- 7:45 AM

6. Which Company Inaugurated its World largest Campus in Hyderabad ?

A- Myntra      B- Flipkart

C- Amazon     D- Jabong

7. RBI allows recurring transactions up to ____ on cards from Sep 1 ?

A- 4600      B- 2000

C- 2800      D- 3400

8. Where is the Headquarters of ALIMCO located ?

A- Gujarat      B- Maharashtra 

C- Punjab        D- Uttar Pradesh 

9. WWF India and ____ has partnered to preserve Sundarbans ?

A- CNBC Awaaz     B- Discovery India

C- Travelxp             D- History TV18

10. When is the Iran’s National Defense Industry Day Observed ?

A- 15 August       B- 16 August 

C- 20 August       D- 22 August 


1-  B,        3-  D,          5-  C,          7-  B,         9-  B,    

2-  A,       4-  B,           6-  C,          8-  A,       10-  D

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