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1.Which country recently became the first to recognize the Indian Pharmacopoeia?

[A] Afghanistan  [B] Iraq   [C] Saudi Arabia   [D] Qatar 

Ans- A

2.What aspect does the recently launched EChO Network deal with?

[A] Indian ecology and environment [B] Indian foreign policy [C] Indian military tech


3.What is Pinaka which was recently tested in Chandipur of Odisha?

[A] Cruise Missile [B] IED [C] Minesweeper [D] Artillery Missile

Ans- D

4.What is Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft that is being tested?

[A] Solar space probe [B] Mars space probe [C] Astronaut capsule [D] Jupiter space probe

Ans- C

5.The Kuril Island is being disputed between which two countries?

[A] Japan and South Korea [B] Japan and Russia [C] Russia and Ukraine [D] Russia and

Ans- B

6.Which surface rover recently broke the record for lunar longevity?

[A] Lunokhod 1           [B] Viper           [C] Pragyan               [D] Yutu 2


7.The bite strength of a Purussaurus was recently calculated. What is a Purussaurus?

[A] a flying reptile      [B] an ancient shark        [C] a caiman       [D] an anc

Ans- C

8.RBI’s Operation Twist is meant for tackling which issue?

[A] Stagflation        [B] Hardening in long tenor bond yields         [C] Liquidity crunch in NBFC        [D] Lo

Ans- B

9.The ‘Cricket 4 Good’ is a partnership program of ICC with which international body?

[A] Olympic committee         [B] UNESCO         [C] UNICEF       [D] WADA

Ans- C

10.The Kambala sport, which is to get its own museum, involves the use of which animal?

[A] Dogs            [B] Camels            [C] Horses            [D] Buffaloes

Ans- D

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