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1. Who has become the sixth Indian to be inducted into ICC Hall of Fame?

    A- Sourav Ganguly  B- Sachin Tendulkar

    C- Ajit Agarkar         D- VVS Laxman

Ans- Option-  B

2. Which City of Chhattisgarh has started the Garbage Cafe Scheme?

    A- Ambikapue   B- Bhilai

    C- Raipur           D- Bilaspur

Ans- Option- A

3. Health Ministry has signed an MoU With how many Ministries or enhanced Cooperation to end TB by 2025 ?

    A- Two       B- Four 

    C- Three     D- Five

Ans- Option- C

4. Which of the Following Country will host BRICS foreign ministers meeting in July 2019 ?

    A- Brazil    B- Russia 

    C- India     D- China 

Ans- Option- A

5. The 2019 Summer Universiade, Sometimes seen in the news, was held in held in?

    A- India     B- France 

    C- UK         D- Italy 

Ans- Option- D

6. In Which of the Following states of India more than 20 Japanese Encephalitis cases have been reported ?

     A- Bihar      B- Arunachal Pradesh 

     C- Assam    D- West Bengal 

Ans- Option- B

7. Swarup Dutta who Passed away recently was a famous ____?

    A- Actor      B- Politician 

    C- Author   D- Singer 

Ans- Option- A

8. Which Indian has been nominated for IAAF Veteran Pin ?

     A- Hima Das    B- Marry Kom

     C- PT Usha       D- None of These 

Ans- Option- C

9. Which Indian Company recently Completed the acquisition of 100 percent stake of Hamleys Global Holdings Ltd(HGHL) ?

     A- Tata    B- Reliance 

     C- ITC      D- VIP

Ans- Option- B

10. Who is the Author of the book “Kargil Untold Stories from the War ” ?

     A- Sheila Bhatia     B- Rachna Bisht Rawat

     C- Shweta Taneja   D- Urvashi Vaid

Ans- Option- B

11. The United States has removed which Country from the F- 35 fighter jet Programme ?

     A- Egypt        B- Russia 

     C- Vietnam   D- Turkey 

Ans- Option- D

12. Which of the Following has become India’s Most Valuable brand according to the ‘Brand Finance India 100’ 2019 Report ?

     A- SBI      B- HDFC

     C- TATA   D- LIC

Ans- Option- C

13. Which English Cricketer has been nominated for the New Zealander of the Year Award ?

     A- Eoin Morgan   B- Ben Stokes 

     C- Joy Root            D- Jonny Bairstow 

Ans- Option- B

14. Which State Government has Increased the Financial assistance given to the families of Martyrs from 25 lakh to Rs 1 Crore ?

    A- Haryana      B- Madhya Pradesh 

    C- Karnataka   D- Maharashtra 

Ans- Option- D

15. Name of the Founder of the Saravana Bhavan Restaurant Group who Passed away Recently ?

    A- Krishna Gombi   B- P Rajagopal

    C- N Shreeram          D- Sudhanshu Hegade

Ans- Option- B

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