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1. Nelson Mandela International Day was observed on ?

    A- 17 July    B- 18 July

    C- 15 July     D- 16 July 

Ans- Option- B

2. Andhra Bank has launched an Artificial intelligence Interactive Assistant chatbot name ___ ?

    A- RIDHi    B- AKASh

    C- ABHi      D- PARTh

Ans- Option- C

3. How Many International Judges in Singapore International Commerce Court (SICC) panel ?

     A-  12       B-  10

    C-  20        D-  16

Ans- Option- D

4. On Which Day, International Day of Justice is Observed ?

     A- 12 July     B- 15 July 

     C- 17 July      D- 18 July 

Ans- Option- C

5. The Two new Districts- Tenkasi District & Chengalpet District will be formed in Which State ?

    A- Kerala          B- Tamil Nadu

    C- Karnataka   D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- B

6. Who has declared Ebola outbreak in Which Country a Global health Emergency ?

    A- Niger     B- Algeria

    C- Senegal   D- Congo

Ans- Option- D

7. Union Cabinet Extends 15th finance Commissions term up to ___ ?

     A- Dec 15     B- Apr 02

     C- Nov 30     D- May 05

Ans- Option- C

8- International Solar Alliance is headquartered in Which of the Following Indian City ?

    A- Gurugram   B- Chennai 

    C- Bhopal          D- Ranchi

Ans- Option- A

9. Member of Which group have agreed on a plan for taxing digital Companies such as Facebook & Google ?

    A- G-20     B- G-7

    C- G-15     D- G- 4

Ans- Option- B

10. Kinnar Mahotsva was recently Celebrated in Which State ?

     A- Gujarat   B- Himachal Pradesh 

     C- Bihar       D- Rajasthan 

Ans- Option- C

11. The 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship began in Which City ?

     A- Cuttack   B- Kuala Lumpur

    C- Wales      D- Singapore City 

Ans- Option- A

12. Which Country become the 76th to Join International Solar Alliance ?

    A- Saudi Arabia         B- Bolivia

    C- United Kingdom   D- Palau

Ans- Option- D

13. Where was the ISSF Junior World Cup 2019 held ?

    A- France    B- Italy 

    C- Spain      D- Germany 

Ans- Option- D

14. Asian Development Bank has lowered the India’s GDP growth rate to ____ % for fiscal Year 2020 ?

    A- 7.1%    B- 7.2%

    C- 7%       D- 6.9%

Ans- Option- C

15. Which State will host First ever Himalayan State Conclave ?

     A- Uttarakhand   B- Himachal Pradesh 

     C- Nagaland         D- Jammu & Kashmir 

Ans- Option- A

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