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1. Who was the only Indian Umpire who was Selected by ICC for World Cup 2019 ?

    A- Anil Chaudhary    B- Ram Babu Gupta

    C- Sundaram Ravi     D- Vijay Chopra 

Ans- Option- C

2. Which State Government is to construct 8.30 lakh houses ?

    A- Karnataka        B- Uttar Pradesh 

    C- Uttarakhand     D- West Bengal 

Ans-  Option- D

3- Which Country has become the First to impose Tax on digital Companies ?

    A- USA       B- France 

    C- China     D- Japan

Ans-  Option-  B

4- Who was Won Gold medal in Kladno Memorial Athletics Championship in 200m Sprint ?

  A- Hima Das        B- Mohammed Anes

  C- Dutte Chand   D- None of These 

Ans-  Option-  A

5- Who has been appointed as the new Deputy CM of Goa ?

   A- Vijai Sardesai     B- Parmod Sawant

   C- Mirdula Sinha    D- Chandrakant Kavlekar

Ans-  Option-  D

6- World Youth Skills Day is Observed Every Year on ____ ?

    A- 12 July      B- 13 July

    C- 14 July      D- 15 July

Ans-  Option-  D

7- India’s First Dinosaur Museum & Fossil Park opens in Which State ?

    A- Rajasthan    B- Delhi 

    C- Gujarat         D- Maharashtra 

Ans-  Option-  C

8- World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is being Observed on ___ ?

    A- June 15      B- June 12

    C- June 10      D- June 16

Ans-  Option- A

9- Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Himachal Pradesh ?

    A- Acharya Devvrat   B- Jai Ram Thakur

   C- Kalraj Mishra          D- Om Prakash Kohli

Ans-  Option- C

10- Where is the headquarters of TVS Motor ?

     A- New Delhi    B- Chennai 

     C- Mumbai        D- Hyderabad 

Ans-  Option-  B

11- First Global Conference for Media Freedom held in  ___ ?

      A- New York      B- Russia 

      C- Malaysia        D- London 

Ans-  Option-  D

12- French National Day / Bastille Day is Observed every Year on ____ ?

      A- 12 July    B- 13 July 

      C- 14 July    D- 15 July 

Ans- Option- C

13- KSUM to host Women Startup Summit 2019 on August 1 in ___ ?

      A- Kochi       B- Hyderabad 

      C- Chennai   D- Allahabad

Ans-  Option-  A

14- Who has bagged an Internship program at the International Court of justice Based in Hague ?

    A- Pk Purwar    B- Anshula Kant

    C- David Lipton   D- Isha Kant

Ans-  Option-  D

15- Where is the Wimbledon located ?

     A-  US       B- Canada 

     C-  UK       D- Austria 

Ans-  Option-  C

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