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1- Who has Won Golden Bat Award at ICC World Cup 2019 ?

     A- Ben Stokes    B- Eoin Morgan

     C- Rohit Sharma   D- Kane Williamson 

Ans-  Option- C

2- Who has taken Most of the Wickets in the World Cup 2019 ?

    A- J. Bumrah        B- J. Archer 

    C- L. Ferguson      D- M. Starc

Ans-  Option-  D

3- Rahul Awaare won a —– medal in Yasar Dogu Ranking Series  ?

     A- Gold        B- Silver 

    C- Bronze    D- Both  B & C

Ans-  Option-   A

4- Who has won 2019 British F1 Grand Prix Title ?

     A- Charles Leclerc    B- Valtteri Bottas 

     C- Lewis Hamilton    D- Max Verstappen 

Ans-  Option-  C

5- Which Bank recently waived off the charges on RTGS, NEFT & IMPS?

      A-  SBI       B- Dena Bank 

      C- ICICI      D- Indian Bank 

Ans- Option-  A

6- The Golden Jubilee Edition of International Film festival of India, IFFI will be held in Which State ?

      A- Maharashtra    B-  Goa

      C- Rajasthan          D- Tripura

Ans-  Option-  B

7- Tropical Storm Barry has recently hit which State of United States ?

     A- Alaska     B- Texas

     C- Kansas     D- Louisiana 

Ans-  Option-  D

8- Who has appointed Secretary of Overseas Indian Affairs ?

    A- Vikram Kumar   B- Suresh Kumar 

    C- Vikas Swarup     D- Dinesh Raj

Ans- Option- C

9- Who has Won CONCACAF Gold Cup Final ?

     A- France       B- Mexico 

     C- Australia   D- New York 

Ans- Option-  B

10- The bilateral trade between the India & Which Country could reach 238 billion Dollars by 2015 ?

    A-  USA       B- Australia 

    C- China      D- France 

Ans-  Option- A

11- Who is the Author of the book “Great Minds of India” ?

    A- Salil Gewali      B- Biswanath Ghosh

    C- Durjoy Datta     D- Kewal Dheer

Ans- Option-  A

12- Recently, an Agri-Business Incubation centre has been Started in Which of the Following City ?

     A- Chennai    B- New Delhi 

     C- Raipur        D- Kolkata 

Ans- Option-  C

13- Which of the Following Motor Company has launched India’s first ethanol-based motorcycle ?

     A- Hero Honda      B- Honda

     C- Suzuki                D- TVS

Ans-  Option- D

14- Hussain Mohammad Ershad who away recently was the former President of Which Country ?

     A- Pakistan    B- Bangladesh 

     C- Turkey       D- Egypt 

Ans-  Option-  B

15- Which Boxer has Won the WBC International Welterweight Title ?

      A- Amir Khan    B- Jeffrey Horn 

      C- Billy Dib         D- Vijendra Singh

Ans-  Option- A

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