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1- Which state government has announced to observe July 12 every year as ‘Save Water Day’ ?

    A- Jharkhand       B- Bihar

   C- West Bengal     D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans-   Option-   C

2- Reebok has appointed whom as its new brand ambassador in India ?

    A- Alia Bhatt         B- Katrina Kaif

    C- Kiara Advani    D- Shraddha Kapoor

Ans-  Option- B 

3- Recently, Which of the following country has revised its constitution ?

    A- Japan              B- Thailand

    C- Cambodia      D- North Korea

Ans-   Option-   D

4- Name of the Virus that hit 1.5 crore android devices across the country recently ?

   A- Black Horse   B- Agent Smith

   C- Target John    D- Super Bug

Ans-  Option-  B

5- which Player has won the women’s singles title at Wimbledon 2019 ?

    A- Naomi Osaka     B- Ashleigh Barty

    C- Simona Halep    D- Serena Williams

Ans-  Option-  A

6- Retail Inflation stands at ____ in June 2019 ?

     A- 3.26%   B- 3.18%

     C- 3.91%   D- 2.17%

Ans-  Option-  B

7- The first Edition of Gandhi Mandela peace initiative took place at ?

    A- Cape Town     B- Durban 

    C- New Delhi      D- Mumbai 

Ans-  Option-  C

8- Which State plans to develop Centres of Excellence for Skill Development in Aviation Industry ?

    A- Assam   B- Madhya Pradesh 

    C- Goa        D- Gujarat 

Ans-  Option-  D

9- Which State is all set to become the First State in the Country to have a proper Water Policy  ?

   A- Assam             B- Himachal Pradesh 

   C- Maharashtra   D- Meghalay 

Ans-  Option-  D

10- Who has been appointed as the next MD & CFO of the World Bank  ?

    A- Anshula Kant      B- Ranjana Kumar 

    C- Zarin Daruwala   D- Kalpana Morparia

Ans-  Option-  A

11- White Water Rafting Expedition has been Started in Which of the Following City  ?

      A- Ganga     B- Indus

      C- Chenab   D- Jhelum

Ans-  Option-  B

12- Which Company has recently acquired the American Software company Red Hat ?

     A- Lenovo    B- IBM

     C- Dell           D- Samsung 

Ans-  Option- B

13- The Super 30 Movie starring Hrithik Roshan is a biopic Based on whose life  ?

     A- Bhushan Singh   B- Vishal Kaprat

     C- Anand Kumar     D- Sandeep Suri

Ans-  Option-  C

14- Which of the Following Indian state has the second highest literacy in India  ?

     A- Lakshadweep   B- Tamil Nadu 

     C- Punjab               D- Telangana 

Ans-  Option-  A

15- Which State Government has decided to Form (NORKA)Which is a Non-resident Investment Company?

    A- Karnataka   B- Jharkhand 

    C- Kerala          D- Gujarat 

Ans-  Option-  C

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