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1- Prasar Bharati  signs MoU with ___ for Research Collaboration ?

              A-  A.IIT Madras           B- B.IIT Kanpur

              C- C.IIT Roorkee            D- D.IIT Bombay

Ans-  Option- B

2- Which Company will Launch Co-branded credit card in partnership with Axis Bank and Mastercard ?

              A- Amazom         B- Google

              C- Flipkart           D- PayU

Ans-  Option- C

3- Central Government has announced that it will be invalidate all PAN cards that are not linked to Aadhaar by ____  ?

         A- 1 September 2019         B- 1 October 2019

         C- 30 November 2019         D-31 December 2019

Ans-   Option-  A

4- Who is the only Indian in Forbes Highest paid Celebrities 2019 list ?

            A- Priyanka Chopra            B- Salman Khan

            C- Shahrukh Khan               D- Akshay Kumar

Ans-   Option-  D

5- Which state government has launched a drive to fill up vacant posts in government departments ?

                  A- West Bengal              B- Maharashtra

                 C- Uttar Pradesh            D- Karnataka

Ans-   Option-  A

6- The second edition of India-Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue 2019 held in ____   ?

                       A- Chennai            B- Pune

                       C- Goa                     D- New Delhi 

Ans-   Option-  D

7- Which Country was recently declared measles free by world Health Organization ?

                        A- Sri Lanka               B- Nepal

                        C- Bangladesh            D- Pakistan

Ans-    Option-   A

8- Malala Day is observed every year on ?

                         A- July 11              B- July 10

                         C- July 13               D- July 12

Ans-  Option-  D

9- India holds FIrst Ever Artificial Limb Fitment Camp in Which of the following Countries ?

                          A- South korea             B-  Tanzania

                          C- Bangladesh               D- Peru

Ans-  Option-  B

10- Who is the Current World Chess Champion ?

               A- Ding Liren              B- Sergey Karjakin

               C- Magnus Carlsen    D- Alexander Khalifman

Ans-  Option-   C

11- Film Divisions to Launch documentary film club in ___ ?

                A- Secunderabad         B- Mumbai

                C- Chennai                     D- Hyderabad

Ans-  Option-  B

12- Which thermal power plant will officially be shut down 7 turned into a solar park ?

               A- Tiroda TPS                 B- Vindhyachal TPS

               C- Mundra TPS              D- Rajghat TPS

Ans-  Option-  D

13-   ____ is to introduce an ‘eco-tax’ on all outgoing flights from 2020 ?

                           A- UK                       B- India

                           C- France                D- Russia

Ans-  Option-  C

14-  19th Commonwealth Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting was held in which city ?

                         A- London            B- Beijing 

                         C- Paris                  D- New York

Ans-  Option-  A

15- Current World Chess champion Magnus Carlsen is form ____ ?

                         A-  Russia                B- Sweden

                         C- B.US                     D- Norway

Ans-  Option-  D

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