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1. Which Movie has won the Best Hindi Film Award at the 66th National Film awards ?

      A- Uri        B- Andhadhun

      C- Razzi    D- Badhai Ho

Ans- Option- B

2. India’s First Underwater Train will be launched in Which of the Following City ?

    A- Kolkata      B- New Delhi 

    C- Pune           D- Puri

Ans- Option- A

3. Which of the Following Company has collaborated with NITI Aayog for WTI Awards 2019 ?

      A- Facebook     B- Google 

      C- Microsoft     D- WhatsApp 

Ans- Option- D

4. Who is the Author of the book ‘Resurgent India’ ?

     A- Bimal Jalan     B- Raghuram Rajan

     C- Urjit Patel       D- R Gandhi 

Ans- Option- A

5. Nagasaki Day was Observed on  ?

     A- August 07    B- August 08

     C- August 09     D- August 10

Ans- Option- C

6. Thar Express runs between Jodhpur and which City of Pakistan ?

    A- Islamabad    B- Karachi 

    C- Multan          D- Lahore 

Ans- Option- B

7. The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People was Observed on ?

     A- August 07      B- August 08

     C- August 09      D- August 10

Ans- Option- C

8. Which Cricket board has announced the new Transgender Inclusive Policy ?

     A- South Africa     B- India

     C- New Zealand    D- Australia 

Ans- Option- D

9. Which Country has issued a red Alert as Super Typhoon Lekima approached the Country ?

     A- Japan         B- China 

     C- Malaysia    D- Thailand 

Ans- Option- D

10. Which Mobile company has launched the Mobile Operating System named HarmonyOS ?

     A- Huawei     B- Xiaomi

     C- Oppo          D- Samsung 

Ans- Option- A

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