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1. Sushma Swaraj was the Youngest Cabinet minister of Which State/UT at the age of 25 ?

      A- Punjab     B- Haryana 

      C- Gujarat     D- New Delhi 

Ans- Option- B

2. Mickey Arthur was SACKED as the head coach of Which Country’s Cricket Team ?

     A- South Africa    B- West Indies 

     C- Bangladesh      D- Pakistan 

Ans- Option- D

3. The RBI has decided to allow which Service round-the-clock 24×7 in December 2019 ?

     A- RTGS     B- IMPS

     C- NEFT     D- All of the Above

Ans- Option- C

4. Arka Suprabath is a new Variety of ___ ?

     A- Mango      B- Banana 

     C- Grapes      D- Jackfruit 

Ans- Option- A

5. In, India, The National Handloom Day is Observed annually on ___ ?

     A- August 05     B- August 06

     C- August 07      D- August 08

Ans- Option- C

6. Recently, Toni Morrison died. She was a famous ___ ?

     A- Swimmer    B- Author 

     C- Journalist    D- Film Director 

Ans- Option- B

7. Which of the Following State Government will launch ‘Navodayam’ scheme for MSMEs ?

     A- Telangana        B- Madhya Pradesh 

     C- Uttarakhand    D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- D

8. Who has won the beauty pageant Miss World Diversity for the third Consecutive Year ?

     A- Naaz Joshi     B- Sulekha Sharma 

     C- Iram Khan     D- Vanshika Agrawal

Ans- Option- A

9. Which of the Following Indian City will host the third Edition of ScooNews Global Educators Fest(SGEF) ?

    A- Agra       B- Gwalior

    C- Jaipur     D- Udaipur 

Ans- Option- D

10. India has contributed ____ to the UN Palestine refugee agency ?

      A- USD 1 million     B- USD 5 million 

      C- USD 2 million      D- USD 4 million 

Ans- Option- B

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