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1. Which Country has the highest TB incidences of the World ?

    A- China      B- Greece 

    C- Africa      D- India 

Ans- Option- D

2. Which of the Following State Government has launched ‘Vhali Dikri Yojna’ ?

    A- Madhya Pradesh    B- Gujarat 

    C- Uttar Pradesh          D- Sikkim 

Ans- Option- B

3. _____ Confirms another Test of Rocket launcher System ?

     A- South Korea     B- North Korea 

     C- Indonesia          D- Pakistan 

Ans- Option- B

4. The Gandhi Nagar model village was built With Indian Assistance in Which of the Following Country ?

    A- Nepal            B- Bangladesh 

    C- Sri Lankan   D- China

Ans- Option- C

5. Who has crowned Miss England 2019 ?

     A- Bhasha Mukherjee    B- Alisha Cowie

     C- Stephanie Hill             D- Natasha Hemmings 

Ans- Option- A

6. World’s First Ultra- fast Hyperloop Project will link ____ ?

     A- Pune To Banglore   B- Tokyo To Osaka

     C- Delhi To Agra          D- Mumbai To Pune

Ans- Option- D

7. Which Company has played a vital Role in providing e-vehicles to Various Government Agencies ?

     A- Tat Motors      B- EESL

     C- Essar Steel       D- Mahindra 

Ans- Option- B

8. Who among the Following took over as the MD, CEO of LIC Housing Finance (LIC HFL) ?

     A- Ajay Pandey     B- Rajat Nagpal

     C- Rohit Walla       D- Siddhartha Mohanty

Ans- Option- D

9. Mackenzie Bezosis now the world’s ____ richest woman ?

    A- 6th        B- 3rd

     C- 5th         D- 7th

Ans- Option- B

10. Which of the Following Country have the best reserves of Lithium & Cobalt in the World ?

     A- Argentina     B- Bolivia

     C- Chile               D- All The Above 

Ans- Option- D

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