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1. World Wide Web Day was Observed on ?

      A- August 01      B- August 02

      C- July 30            C- July 31

Ans- Option- A

2. The One Nation-One Ration Card Scheme of the Government of India has been launched in how many states on pilot Basis ?

     A- Eight      B- Ten

     C- Four        C- Twelve 

Ans- Option- C

3. Name of the First Indian Bank which has been linked up with China National Advance Payment System ?

     A- Bank of Baroda   B- Axis Bank 

     C- Yes Bank                D- State Bank of India 

Ans- Option- D

4. Which Country has allowed Women to travel abroad without approval from a Male “Guardian” ?

     A- Burkina Faso   B- Kuwait 

     C- Saudi Arabia    D- North Korea 

Ans- Option- C

5. The 4th South Asian Speakers Summit will be held in Which Country ?

     A- India      B- Thailand 

     C- Laos        D- Maldives 

Ans- Option- D

6. Which State has launched an Awareness campaign named as ‘Save Green, Stay Clean’ ?

    A- Rajasthan      B- West Bengal 

    C- Jharkhand      D- Himachal Pradesh 

Ans- Option- B

7. Which Country has launched new TB vaccines namely Immuvac and VPM1002 ?

    A- India       B- Russia 

    C- Japan       D- Sweden 

Ans- Option- A

8. CRISIL has predicted India’s GDP growth rate for FY20 at what percent ?

     A-  7.1 %      B-  7 %

    C-  6.8 %      D-  6.9 %

Ans- Option- D

9. Which Country has banned face-Covering clothing,  such as a burqa or niqab, in Public buildings and on transport ?

    A- Norway     B- Netherland 

     C- Germany    D- France 

Ans- Option- B

10. Who has Won the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism ?

     A- Sudhir Chaudhary    B- Rahul Kanwal

     C- Ravish Kumar            D- Dibang

Ans- Option- C

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